Top 12 Android Apps For Fun in 2020

Hello friends, You have visited this site means you must be looking for fun android apps of 2020, and I am sure my list of apps will match your intent. In this post, I am posting these 2020’s Android Apps for Fun. Install and Enjoy these 12 best Android Apps For Fun in 2020 

We generally talk about Android applications that are reasonable and make life gainful, but what about apps that add a bit of fun to our lives? They are also very important, isn’t that so? Fortunately, Android app developers have a sense of humor and it appears in a variety of fun apps.

Here are the Top 12 Android Apps For Fun in 2020 which will make sure that you will have fun by using these apps.

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Top 12 Android Apps For Fun in 2020
Imgur-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

  You should be well aware of Imgur and if you are not, you are missing out on your daily dose of funny photos, GIFs, memes, and interesting videos. Imgur is not the only best mem App or GIF viewer on the internet. This is home to all the fun photos and viral videos you can ever have. This app has the best collection of cat videos found anywhere in a known galaxy. This app is good enough to give a smile on your face.


2.Ant Smasher    

Ant smasher-Android Apps For Fun in 2020
Ant smasher-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

Make your boring time fun by playing this funny ant smasher game. It is a highly entertaining game that not only kills virtual ants but also improves your screen response and helps in calibration. You can kill millions of ants bugs but don’t kill a fly if it appears on the screen. Its size is only 25mb which can be installed in any version of Android. It is one of the best Android Apps For Fun in 2020


3.Love Test – Fingerprint Love Calculator Prank

Love test-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

It is a fun app that shows love percentage by placing fingers on the screen. Love Test Fingerprint Scanner Based Love Calculator is a prank app to enjoy with your loved ones. You will be provided a space on the screen for fingerprint scans. Press on the test button and some random numbers will be displayed with love percentages between two people. You can do a prank with your loved ones by saying that it scans our fingerprints and knows palmistry.


4. Phoner 2nd Phone Number and Anonymous Text & Call

Want to scare your friend by calling them from an unknown number? As we are in the month of April, Of course, April fools day, You can try this app to FOOL them. They won’t able to see your number.  

Phoner Anonymous call app-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

Phoneer gives you many new phone numbers so that you can keep a different number for your personal, business and social life gives you a free 2 new phone number to call or text confidentially to others.    You can get a new number and separate caller ID without a new SIM card and use the phoneer as your protected and secret texting and calling app.   In addition to this, It supports call recording for both incoming and outgoing calls. 


5.B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

B612-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

It is the most installed funny camera app. It is not only made for the best camera but also for many funny activities and it has over 1,500 diverse stickers. This app contains Facial recognition stickers that can deform your face or turn you into a cute animal. You can add various drawing effects that you can draw while taking video. You can combine your video with exciting tunes There are various effects and playback speeds for more dynamic music videos which will add more pleasure to your apps. This app is made with AR(Augmented reality features)


6.Tabla –

India’s Mystical Drum Whether you are already a dumb hand or tabla novice, but always have the desire to learn, this app will help you live your dream!  TABLA is the best and most fun android app of its kind on Google Play

Tabla-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

  This user-friendly app turns your phone/tablet screen into a lifetime simulation of tabla and other Indian collision devices. For immediate playback, you only need to tap on the devices. It is a fun, lightweight, and user-friendly app that is ideal for anyone who wants to study or wants to play tabla without getting too much noise or taking too much space. This app has a pair of drums, which is small, high-high right, and large. It is easy to use and play at any time to test your skills!

Tabla-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

  Its main demerit is the appearance of ads while playing the musical instrument.  Overall it’s an amazing app to play around and have fun with the best and most comprehensive Indian percussion app on Google Play!


7.Meme Generator Free

Meme generator-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

Any social media is now incomplete without memes. It became a trend to show facts, news, sarcasm by the means of the meme. Everyone loves to watch memes but you must be wondering how these memes are created. It is not rocket science. If you know how to edit photos you can outshine in this meme making field. Play store has this marvelous auto meme generator tool which makes the whole process easier.

Meme generator-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

With Meme Generator, you can generate the most humorous memes and share it with your friends directly through this app. This app has 1000s of meme templates with lots of captions. You can effects, generate your own breaking news meme, Add fonts, backgrounds and much more. The best part of this app is it doesn’t show any watermark on the edited photos.  


8.AR Moscow City    

AR Moscow City-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

This App is a good app pastime. You can see 3D building live using your back camera. This apps works by scanning an AR code. It is an augmented reality (AR) app, specially designed for users of Europe’s highest observation deck PANORAMA360, to watch Digital Moscow City Towers with the actual world: Federation Towers, Central Corps,, Imperia Towers, IQ-Quarte, Capitol City, Naberezhnaya Tower,  Evolution Tower, Eurasia Tower, Northern Tower, Mercury City Tower, OKO,  Neva Towers. 

You just point your camera on a special image (AR marker) and 3D towers will appear on your screen. You can take a screenshot of this special image and send it to your friend’s phone or take a print out. Now a point your phone towards the image and enjoy the 3D view. It has the Option to rotate the AR object and the use of a built-in camera makes the process even more exciting.  The app is suitable for both children and elders.  

9.Animal Sounds

Animal sounds-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

Do you love animals? If yes, I think you too would love their sounds. This app is simply awesome and funny for animal lovers. This sound app contains real sounds of different animals. Starting from domestic animals like a rabbit to giant aquatic animals like shark every type of animal sounds has been provided in this app. You can make prank with your friend or family member my playing sounds of cats, dogs, cows monkeys. You can teach your child about the sounds of animals by letting them hear these sounds and you can also use these sounds in your drama, skit, stage shows to make shows realistic. Listen to the sounds of birds when you are in tension or angry mood.      


10.Stickers For WhatsApp-WAStickerApps

Whatsapp stickers-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

This is the best and most liked android app for fun purposes. This app has the best collection of WhatsApp stickers covering. This app has almost all categories of stickers in more than 11+ languages with 180+ sticker packs and all stickers are compatible that you can easily share on WhatsApp. The best part of this app is you can create your own custom stickers with background erasers within the app. You can transform your gallery photos into stickers and add to the WhatsApp sticker app and send it to your WhatsApp friends. Compose personalized stickers, Convert your Text to Stickers, Share Trending Stickers and use astonishing editing tools to edit your photos.


11.INKHUNTER – tattoo designs

Inkhunter-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

Are you a Tatoo lover? Do you ever dream about to make tattoos on your body? If your answer is yes, you should try this App. This App works on AR( AUGMENTED REALITY) technology. You have to draw a U-shaped diagram on that body part where you want to see tattoos. The app projects any tattoo design on any part of your body, so that you can see how it will be. This app also allows you to Try on your own tattoo design or choose one from the galleries.  You can move your camera from different angles to see your tattoo from that angle. It is a really cool way to see what a tattoo would look like before you get it.  



Whiteboard-Android Apps For Fun in 2020

This is Pure and clean whiteboard for use or you can also say very useful for personal use, office use or school use like math or circuit drawing. You can do all sorts of free hands activities (doodles) and show your drawing abilities. Put out your thoughts on this and show it to others. You can add different colors and effects to your wondrous drawing of the whiteboard screen. There are unlimited numbers for a selection of brushes This is a drawing app for all age’s easy-to-use painting on canvas or pictures. It is best for students to do maths graphs diagrams, as a space for rough works and much more  


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These apps will not win any prizes for their app design or features, but you can use them for entertainment purposes and to bring a smile to your face. So, if you are looking for a stress booster, then you should give these cool Android apps a shot. Also, let us know if we have missed any 2020’s Android Apps Fun Apps that you remember about. Call out in the Comment section below      

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