Alexa smart glass and smart ring by Amazon

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Alexa smart glass and smart ring by Amazon(Echo Frame & Echo Loop)

Alexa smart glass and smart ring by Amazon

Alexa smart glass and smart ring by Amazon(Echo Frame & Echo Loop)-Amazon always stands first when it comes to smart gadgets with their Alexa AI. Now Amazon has expanded its reach of Alexa AI from vehicles, homes into their customers’ hands, ears and eyes. With the introduction of Alexa smart glass and smart ring by Amazon, the company’s hardware chief Dave Limp breezed through all the features of these products.

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On Wednesday Amazon launched some updates to its existing products while also unveiled some cool Alexa enabled gadgets(entrants into new fields) at its Alexa event. Amazon has uncovered the smart glass Echo Frames and smart ring Echo loop.

These two devices give you the ability to use Alexa and its features. Let’s have a look at these upcoming Alexa built-in gadgets which will bring the Alexa at your fingertipAlexa smart glass and smart ring by Amazon (Echo Frame & Echo Loop)

Echo Frame:
Alexa smart glass by Amazon(Echo frame)
A pair of glasses it’s called the Echo frame that lets you speak commands and hear Alexa’s replies. The design looks like a regular pair of glasses. They’re prescription ready, they have springing edges and they have an adjustable tip at the end for the persons having a wider range of face and ears. The main difference between regular frame glasses and the Echo frame is that it has built-in Alexa while you’re wearing the glasses. For example, When you say Alexa What’s the weather, it will tell you the weather or you can also say her to turn on the air conditioner while you are in the room. It has Open-ear technology of amazon with four direct speakers that can beam the sound directly to your ears without disturbing others nearer you. You can use Alexa for voice commands you can also tap and hold the temple to activate your voice assistant of the phone or You can do it by tapping and holding it to say okay Google. You can also swipe the temple forward and backward to go through your notifications. For it to not get confused with notifications, it also has a software called a VIP list which lets you set what type of notification you want or notifications based on your favorite apps. 

Alexa smart glass and smart ring by Amazon(Echo frame)
Amazon claims that they are very lightweight they were only about thirty grams each, so they are just like a regular pair of glasses. Amazon also claims that you can hear the audio from the glasses clearly if you are in crowded area or in the room, you could still hear them pretty well, which says that Amazon did a nice job to broadcast the audio-only to the person who is wearing it because the people around that person couldn’t hear what the glasses were saying. Echo frames won’t project information on your glass lenses in front of your eyes as in Google lenses. They are only there for pairing with your phone and talking o Alexa. The Echo frame only supports android phones, but it will soon support IOS also. 

Echo Loop:

Alexa smart ring by Amazon(Echo loop)

Amazon announced another tech called echo loop which is an Alexa powered smart ring. It is the first Alexa smart ring. It has a button that can be used to open your device, microphones to listen to your commands and a small speaker for replies. You will be notified when you get notification by the vibration of the ring and you can monitor your notifications by using a specific app. It can connect to your Alexa app on your phone via Bluetooth. Unlike frames, the Echo loop is compatible with both Android phones and iPhones. You can use the Google Assistant or Siri by long-pressing Loop’s action button. You can wash your hand while the loop is on because Amazon claims that it is water-resistant but showering and swimming with Loops are not recommended. You can use the echo loop to use Alexa by just press the button on the ring to activate it. It also has speakers and microphones on both sides. The idea behind these products is that they’re not available widely and are very limited, and to get more customer feedback so that they can make and improve more the product for wider use. 

Alexa smart glass and smart ring by Amazon(Echo loop)
Some More Details about these Devices:
Both the Echo frame and the Echo loop allow you to make calls but Amazon recommends you to use the Echo loop for “short” phone calls because it is awkward for you to shuffle your ringed finger between your mouth to speak and your ear to listen. 
Both frames and loops do not have any camera on them, so no one having these devices can take photos or videos of others.
Alexa smart glass and smart ring by Amazon(Echo loop and Echo frame)
Alexa can record your audio when you turn it on and will continuously record and will respond to your command until you turn it off. It mainly functions like Amazon Echo. You can check Alexa is on or not in frames by seeing the small blue light on it but there is no specific indicator in the Echo loop to check Alexa is on or not. Once it is on, it sends your recording to the Amazon server where it is processed into command then the server sent it to the frame. Do not worry about Amazon keeping copies of our recording because only a very small fraction of recording is manually reviewed for product development purposes. If you do not want to take any risk or want to keep your recordings extremely private then you can visit Portal for Alexa users provided by Amazon. Here you can decide to not allow Amazon to review or collect your data at all or you can set the timer to delete your recordings after 3 months.
Echo frames are only available in one size 54 by 18 by 145 mm and in one color black. While Echo loop has four size options- 9, 10, 11 and 12 in ring sizes.

Amazon provides you USB to the four-prong magnetic connector and can fully charge your frames within 75 minutes and can last all day with intermittent use. While Echo loops required at least 90 minutes of charging to last whole one day with intermittent use.

These two devices are only available for limited people and only invited people can use it.  The echo frames are available at cost of 180$ and the echo loops are available at the cost of 130$.


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