Top 15 Best Camera Apps For Android 2022

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In today’s fast-paced world, smartphone cameras are a big opportunity. Rather than carrying a separate camera, Most people use the default camera app to capture images and selfies. But what if you are not happy with your device’s camera and want superior quality than this? In that case, there are many good, third-party Best Camera Apps For Android 2022  that you can download. Many of these apps are fine for overall use, while some are excellent for definite use.  

Top 15 Best Camera Apps For Android 2022. Below, I’ve provided a list of the best camera apps for Android Users that you can use this year. This list covers both free and paid apps and is based on best rankings, user reviews, and user ratings. Install and enjoy these top 15 Best Camera Apps For Android 2022

#1 HD Camera Ultra

HD Camera Ultra-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

It’s a great and user-friendly app that comes with a beautiful interface and the ability to capture high-quality photographs. This camera app will allow you to create excellent images.

You will get to enjoy awesome features which include Optical/digital zoom, Focus mode,(Auto, Infinity, Macro), Automatic White Balance, and Exposure Disabling. It has also the feature of disabling the shutter sound of the camera (only if your device supports it).

HD Camera Ultra-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#2 Camera MX – Free Photo & Video Camera

CameraMX-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

This app may be one of the simplest and best camera applications for android phones. It supports the Front and back camera, You can turn the Flash to on/off/auto mode to improve the photo quality.

This App comes with features like Grid lines for excellent photo compositions, and exposure value to brighten/darken your photos.

One best part of this camera is the selfie display flashes to get the best feasible selfies in low-light situations. Camera MX is one of the most advanced camera apps for Android users in 2022. Try this app today to utilize full of it!

CameraMX - Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#3 Google Camera

Google Camera-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

This is the only camera app developed by Google and has been released this year. It comes pre-installed on all Google Pixel devices.

The features of this app include- HDR+ mode (which allows you to take pictures in low light or backlit scenes). Video Stabilization mode(Prevents shaking of your videos even if your hands shake).

Smart burst(a stream of photos  moving GIFs can be captured automatically by Holding down the shutter button) Photosphere (immersive spherical photos can be created)

In addition, Slow Motion videos can be produced easily

Google Camera-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#4 DSLR Camera Hd Ultra Professional

DSLR Camera-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

This is one of my preferred android camera apps that gives a detailed touch to my photos. By using this App you can take ultra-quality photos like a professional photographer. This app has been produced with special consideration so that users can get the best HD picture quality.

DSLR Camera Hd Professional is a completely free camera app for completely Android phones and tablets. You can avail of various features from this app.

It includes features like  HD image capture feature, Editing your photos with blur effect, Simple changing the level of blur, Quickly blurring the complex parts of the photo, and changing the size of the brush. 

Overall, it’s right to say that the Open Camera is a fully deserving camera for your photography skill.    

DSLR Camera-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#5 Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

With Bacon Camera, you will be able to understand how strong your camera module is. It is optimized with all possible features, this app turns your camera into a DSLR.

And everyone can use this app for free. It has many jaw-dropping features like – Full Manual FocusManual White Balance, Exposure Compensation, Complete manual exposure time, Bayer RAW, and DNG supportive histogram.  

This app also creates basic controls. You will get some additional features like timer shots for a panorama, virtual horizons, etc

Bacon Camera-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#6 Footej Camera

Footej Camera-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

Although Footej Camera is one of the new applications in this category, it is full of a fair set of features. The camera offers users a brand new, interesting, user-friendly, and robust camera interface. 

You can add a nice picture by choosing the color and effect of your photo. There is also a feature of saving in GIF mode, which adds an additional advantage to this app, and inside it, you get many filters and modes.

The camera interface of the Footej Camera gives lots of manual controls. So, Footej Camera is surely one of the best camera apps for Android that you can use today.

Footej Camera-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#7 PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

You will get astonishing features inside it and after using these features you will just love it. You can get all the manuals in it, which is not generally available in the other android camera apps.

This app is perfect to show our creativity. Besides having its own software to manage the camera, there is a social sharing platform. You can share your photos instantly without shifting to any other app.

PixArt is an all-in-one creative suite that has all features like a collage maker, drawing tools, photo editor, and camera. You can also edit photos with your friends   -REMIX CHAT. PicsArt’s Remix Chat is a perfect way to edit with your friends & make impressive pictures and share with your friends    

PicsArt Photo-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#8 Camera360: Selfie Photo

Camera360-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

If you’re an Android user for a long time, you would have heard about 360Camera. It is one of the most popular android camera apps on the Play Store.

This app comes with many camera modes like ‘Poster camera’ (with charcoal drawing effects), Self-camera, and my favorite ‘effect camera’. You will get options to choose your favorite filters out of 100s of free filters.

This App also includes motion Stickers, Funny StickersCustomizable Filters with Cartoon Effects. It provides a very complete package where you can capture your photos with many camera modes.  

Camera360-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#9 O2Cam

O2Cam-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

O2Cam is one of the best selfie android camera apps for Android smartphones. I think you will start using this camera app from today onwards after knowing its features.

This app is loaded with you will get a pack of filters, special effects, stickers, and similar features. You can take photos that appear flawless in every detail.

This App features Smart AI which presents a brand-new algorithm. This AI feature where automatically enhances and modifies photos according to the environment where the photos are taken

O2Cam-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#10 Pixlr – Free Photo Editor

Pixlr-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

When you start using the Pixlr app, your attention will be dragged toward its extravagant tools. These are organized into just five categories on the editing home page. 

And this whole system is what gives Pixlr app full pleasure to use and edit the images. Some amazing overlays, stickers, doodling tools, and filters make this app a well-rated app on the playstore  

Pixlr-Camera Apps Android users

You can Layer several photos using double exposure and blend them together. It converts your photos to pencil-like drawings and removes blemishes and red eyes. Additionally, it also resizes images quickly and easily after editing.

One of the best features I like the most is its smart Focus on one color with Color Splash. Pixlr’s collage-making tool is one of the best features which is far better than any other image editing app. Its wide selection of tools and sequence presets makes it worthwhile to use this app

Pixlr-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#11 AirBrush

I just want to say it’s an outstanding app in terms of its performance and user interface. As I have been using this app for the last 3 years I know how this App is.     

AirBrush-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

Now you can turn your normal photo into a professional-looking photo. AirBrush has been designed as the best photo editor with, cool filter options, and user-friendly retouch tools to show natural results.

Starting from capturing a photo to editing it like a pro all can be done at your fingertips.  This app is designed in such a way that it covers all the features of photography in a single app.

Some of the appreciable features are Blemish and Pimple Remover, Whiten Teeth, and Brighten Eyes, Perfect Skin in Every Photo. You can make yourself Slim, Reshape and Lengthen Your Selfie. 

AirBrush-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#12 Facetune

If you want the Best camera app in 2022, that can make your selfie extremely beautiful, then FACETUNE would be the eighth app for you.

Facetune-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

This app is loaded with lots of features like perfect SMILES(Widen your smile, User-friendly teeth whitening tool), BEAUTIFUL SKIN, BRIGHT EYESHAIR SALONFACE RESHAPE, and lots more features.

These features will help you create the perfect self-portrait photo for your profile pic. With FATTUNE, you can easily exclude Blemish and Dark Circle. Add natural blush to your picture, or give yourself a total makeover.

Facetune-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#13 A Better Camera

Better Camera-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

It is also a new all-purpose, full-featured camera app that can match your expectations. It has some additional features like Panorama, Multishot, Night mode, Video and photo time-lapse, Pre-shot(where pictures are taken before pressing), etc.

A number of top-ranked Android camera apps of 2022 such as HDR Camera+ and Night Camera+ have been merged into A Better Camera.

Better Camera-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#14 Snapseed

Snapseed-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

It is another flawless and professional photo editor developed by Google. When it comes to improving the quality of shots, snapseed comes first with its rich collection of features. 

Snapseed is loaded with a huge collection of filters and specific control tools. It has all the common features like Tonal Contrast, Vignette, Brush, Drama, Face Enhance, Face Pose, Tune image, RAW Develop, etc   

Along with all the above features, it has some amazing things to do like the ability to edit RAW DNG files and export them as JPG files without any change in quality.

‘Selective Saturation’ feature, which allows users to pick up to eight points on the image and make desired enhancements on the exact same spot without altering the entire image.

There is another very useful feature called ‘QR Look’, which allows users to create a QR code of the final image and use the exact effect on another unedited image by just scanning the QR code

Snapseed-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

#15 Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

Prisma is one of the most popular photo editing apps, as a huge number of artistic filters are included in the app. Few days before it was a trend to upload a Prisma photo on Social Media. It is a photo editor app that builds amazing photo effects to convert your photos into sketches or paintings.

In this Camera App, you can find 100s of filters in the library. This App updates the new art filter almost every day. Prisma is not just made for image editing. It also forms a social media platform to allow users to share their latest artworks

Prisma-Best Camera Apps Android  2021

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Well, these were some of the best photo editing apps. I have made this list after evaluating their popularity and acceptance among the different android users. If you think I have missed any of the best camera apps for Android 2022, tell me about them in the comments section
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  1. Which is the best camera apps for android 2022?

    We can’t just select any random app as best because every app has an edge over the others in terms of different features. In my opinion, I would choose Google Camera

  2. Which camera app do celebrities use?

    This is difficult to answer because no celebrity would ever say which app they use to take photos. It can also vary from one person to another. But if I think they must be using Google Camera

  3. Is there an app to improve camera quality?

    Yes you can improve the camera quality by using HD camera ultra

  4. What is the best camera filter app for android?

    Airbrush is the perfect camera filter app for Android

  5. What is the best DSLR camera app for android?

    DSLR Camera HD Ultra Professional is the suitable one

  6. What is the best camera app for android free to download?

    All the apps given in my list are absolutely free to download

  7. What is the best night camera app for android?

    Camera MX is the best choice for this purpose

  8. What is the best HDR camera app for android?

    Snapseed and HD camera ultra

  9. Which is the best selfie camera app?

    Camera 360: The selfie studio is best for taking good selfies

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