Top 10 best dialer apps for android in 2020

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Try these best Dialer apps/Contact apps of 2020 for your Android Smartphone. These apps will add value to your dialer app for sure 

Android phone has become our closest friend today. We use our phones for almost every daily task. All Android devices come with necessary pre-installed applications that we use on daily basis. Usually, we do not find any problem in using stock apps in the early days of purchasing our phones. 

But after a few days, we find it a bit classic and boring. In most cases, we prefer to install apps from the Playstore to replace existing stock features. Whether it is the subject of your phone dialer/contact app, UI, browser, camera, music player, or navigation menu, we prefer the Playstore app rather than the stock apps. Let us consider the example of our smartphone dialer app. Calls and contacts are two stock apps for everyday use. In most cases, we find the interface more boring due to its older appearance and less convenience. 

Sometimes we also need to separate contacts, group them, save numbers without a name, etc. But preexisting apps do not come with enough such features in their dialing apps. So guys here I have made a list of Top 10 Best Dialer Apps for Android in 2020. All of these apps have an eye-catching interface with all the extra functions that are not present on our default Android dialer. Most of the apps are built to include some handy features. You can get many handful options including call recording, grouping contacts, tracking caller ID, call reminder, call theme, customized contact list, easy search option, etc

Here is the list of the Top 10 best dialer apps for android in 2020.

1.ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

Best dialer app for android-ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

This Dialer & Contacts app is developed by ASUSTek Computer Inc.Basically it is the stock dialer app of Asus phones. If you want to run this interface on t is one of the top-rated Dialer apps in the play store. This app provides all the basic features of a dialer app along with some good exposure to additional options. 


  • It allows the blocking of numbers, 
  • Finding contacts using smart search, 
  • An awesome feature of speed dialing. 
  • Apart from this it also enables the features of  Smart linking and theme customization
  • In terms of security features, this app stands at the top. 
  • It safeguards your contacts and protects them from third-party permissions.
Block calls from unknown numbers Sometimes too many double listings
Smart search for quick searchSometimes names do not respond with numbers
Keep your personal contacts safeNo auto-reject feature for unknown contacts
Support dark themeSome bugs in moving contacts from SIM to phone

2.Dialer app by Simpler

Best dialer app for android- Dialer app by Simpler

Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler is one of the most downloaded dialer apps on the Playstore. As the name of the developer suggests, it is a super smooth and simple dialer app. In terms of UI, this app comes with an impressive, comfortable, simple, clean, and easy-to-use UI design. Although this app is available for free, you can upgrade some features by buying the pro version 


  • Block spam calls and unwanted numbers
  • T9 Dialer – quickly search by name & numbers
  • Powerful search using T9 dialer
  • You can find out who called you when you were unavailable
  • Can Send Group text
  • Backup your Contacts both online and Offline 
Easily call your regularly used contactsToo many glitches like sometimes crash on start
Beautiful dialer themes to call and add new contactsCollects all the on-required information from the phone
One tap to callDue to so many ads, it’s difficult to answer calls.
Over 40 beautiful themes are availableIt automatically puts every incoming call phone to Do Not Disturb mode


best dialer app for android-Contact+

Contact+ can be the best alternative to your native dialer app with a hell lot of features included in it. This app is designed keeping the fact in their mind that one dialer app should have all the needed features for what users look for in a dialer app. This app is designed to include all the features like contact management, merging and duplicate finding, dialer, SMS, and calls log that make it an all-in-one smart app. Like other dialer apps, you can customize the theme as per your wish


  • Can block spam calls and SMS
  • Can merge duplicate contacts
  • Provides protection to your saved contacts
  • It integrates with other social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Duo, etc
  • It shows Birthday notifications and calls reminders
                   Pros                     Cons
 Quick and easy dialer searchUI is not very great
Sort contacts in a smarter wayit cannot handle group texts
 Apply White / Dark ThemesSometimes the app is slow to load.
Over 90 beautiful themes are availableYou cannot change appearance, arrange themes,
font, background

4. Caller ID – Spam Blocker, Phone Dialer & Contacts

Caller ID best dialer app ndroid in 2020

Caller ID is another top-rated app on the play store that you must try to access all the features of Caller ID. Its white UI makes this more attractive to use. Once you install this app, it will collect all your contact information and makes it an easy-to-use device. Whenever it comes to merging duplicate contacts, backup contacts, call recording, or smart call logs, this app is always best to do its work smoothly. This app is working more than expected


  • Block spamming and unwanted calls
  • Smart call log and Caller ID search
  • Single-touch backup and restore
  • Can merge duplicate contacts
  • Record any calls
  • Quickly dial your favorite contacts
                   Pros                     Cons
Call RecorderSometimes phone recorder fails to record callers’ voice
Discover anything featureTakes a lot of space
It reverses phone lookupsNo black/white list
Smart call logVideo ADvert while using

    5. Showcaller: Caller ID, Call Recorder & Blocker

best dialer app android 2020

As the name itself contains all of its features, Showcaller is one of the best-performing apps in its niche. With over more than 10M downloads, it does exactly what it was designed to do. This is a lightweight and simple-looking app that is specialized in identifying caller id, name, and region. You can also customize the contacts and call log in your own way.  It’s cool cause you can see if it is a mobile or landline. One unique feature of this app that makes it different from other apps is that it has an offline database. It means it can identify caller ID without using any network. You will get an option to upgrade to access some additional features like automatic  blocking of spam calls 


  • Smart Dialer – Fast T9 search in your recent calls and contacts
  • Phone Number Lookup
  • Dark theme feature
  • Smart Dialer – Fast T9 search in your recent calls
  • Call Blocker
  • Automatic HD incoming and outgoing Call Recording
                   Pros                     Cons
HD Call RecordingSometimes phone recorder fails to record callers’ voice
Catch so many spam callsDetails of the caller are often incomplete
Best in identifying unknown numbersBattery drainage
Easy to useTakes some time to show callers details

6. CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder

Callapp-dialer app for android in 2020

CallApp is one of the best dialer apps for android in 2020 as it is downloaded by more than 50 million. It means over 50 million users trust this app to block spam calls & know the Caller ID. This app is known for Identifying calls SMS, spam call blocker, and unknown caller id.

Even many reviews are saying that this app is great for identifying unknown caller ID. You can use CallApp for reverse phone lookup, phone number search, contacts, block numbers, blocker caller, and always know who called you? with Call App’s caller id app. It even has a video ringtone which can be seen barely in any other app. If you want any support from this app then mail them [email protected]


  • Spam call and Spam SMS blocker
  • As I mentioned above, it has a video ringtone feature
  • Records call automatically
  • Call Blocker
  • Makes it as your default caller app
  • Know unknown callers
                   Pros                     Cons
Have a personalized video ringtone featureIt requires more ram performance and all permissions are compulsory
Reveals photo of unknown caller with his/her nameIt doesn’t have its own ringing tone
Call Screens for each contactAnnoying ads if no premium account
New! Incognito callsSometimes recording problem

7. Caller ID – Phone Dialer, Call Blocker

Caller ID Top 10 best dialer app for android in 2020

Another app that should be included in our best dialer app list is Caller ID – Phone Dialer, Call Blocker. I can say that this is one of the most feature-rich apps in this place. This application is a dialer application built with incredible UI components to meet the basic needs of the user.

Like other apps, it works best when it comes to calling blocking, phone number search, and a powerful dialing interface. An interesting thing about this app is that it is only 3MB in size with lots of additional benefits. It is very helpful in tracing unknown numbers, but some numbers could not be identified.


  • Block spam calls
  • Powerful dialler
  • Simple SMS and MMS
  • Calls blacklist
  • Phone number lookup
                   Pros                     Cons
Huge Offline databaseNotification problems
Reveals photo of unknown caller with his/her nameTakes time to identify numbers
True Location trackerCan’t paste numbers on the dial-pad area
Featured AppSlow interface

8. Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS, spam block & payments

Best dialer app for android- Truecaller

If you are looking for the best dialer app, then it is unlikely that you have not heard of the right caller app. This is the only app that is being downloaded every day. It means more than 500 million people trust this app as the best dialer app. Truecaller filters outs unwanted people and lets you connect with the people who you want to.

It claims to be the only app that helps in safe and efficient communication with the largest database of phone numbers. Truecaller also provides you with instant money transfers safely. Many people say that Truecaller uploads your phonebook to make it public or searchable but it is not true. Their team always denied this fact and I do not think they are doing these kinds of stuff.  


  • Can identify anyone’s call instantly
  • Backup call history, message, and contacts to google drive
  • It blocks numbers by name and number sequence
  • It can also be used as a Payment app.
  • Block spam calls and telemarketers
  • Have a call recording feature
                   Pros                     Cons
Truecaller has full dual sim supportThe call recording feature is not available in Android pie.
Truecaller can be used as a UPI payment and recharge app.Sometimes you cannot hear your phone’s ringtone after its new update.
Can chat with your friends and family with the help of TruecallerAsks many permission every time you launch the app if haven’t given permission
Quite good UIMany annoying ads    

9. Eyecon: Caller ID, Calls, and Phone Contacts

best dialer app for android 2020-Eyecon

Next on the list, Eyecon Caller ID tops the list. It is like a solution to many problems in the niche of caller ID. As the name is EYECON, the name itself justifies itself with a unique feature of the visual-based design that is easy to navigate. This visual navigation or orientation design makes this app top among all other apps on the list. You can easily manage everything using icons and pictures instead of just viewing text. This app also does not show too many irrelevant advertisements to its users which makes the user interface easy to use  


  • Accurate caller Id
  • Photo filled address book
  • Reverse number lookup
  • Intuitive dialer
  • Availability checkerCustomizable with 30+ features
                   Pros                     Cons
Find the name and photos of callersThe call recording feature is not supported
Connect to all social media platforms.Doesn’t show the names of some contacts.
Easy navigation with visual-based designSometimes show less accurate callers info
Spam filterMany features are included in premium versions only    

10. Caller ID & Call Blocker Free

Best dialer app for android 2020-Caller ID 2

Caller ID and Call blocker free is another caller ID app that comes under this list. You can also trust this app as it has more than 10 million downloads. Like other Dialer apps, it also helps in identifying unknown contacts and blocks unknown contacts and numbers. This app can track phone numbers, identify unknown callers, and also can find their location.

It has also a unique feature that will help you to prank someone. That feature is fake calling, you can make fake calls in order to make someone fool just for fun. It has Do Not Disturb mode which means you can set a time and between this period all calls will be blocked. These two make this app unique from other dialler apps. It has similar features as other dialer apps have  


  • It has Do Not Disturb mode
  • You can make fake calls
  • Different and amazing things are available
  • Provides you every detail of caller ID like birthday, photo, social info, etc
                   Pros                     Cons
Easiest app to usesometimes slows down
Good job in blocking unwanted calls.Too many permissions
Spam number blockingGlitches in blocking options
Contacts widgetAds in the premium version also

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So, friends, this is the list of the Top 10 best dialer apps for android in 2020. These apps are not only made for a single function but also perform many other advanced functions that make call management very easy. Most business sectors get the benefit of these apps.

Before making this list we downloaded each of these applications individually and thoroughly looked at each topic to note their performance. Although there is a hell lot of dialer app for android 2020 available in the playstore that claims to offer many amazing features, in reality, they dont even deserve a rating of 1 star.    If you ask which app I liked from my ready list, then I will go for the Icon dialer app.

But still, I like to use my default dialer to get rid of annoying ads. But if you are not satisfied with your stock dialer app you can choose any of the above lists of the Top 10 best dialer apps for android in 2022. Please do not forget to mention which one of the best dialer apps for android in 2022 you liked. Let us know through your comments.

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