Free fire headshot hack?? | Secret Auto ff Headshot Settings|Is it illegal?

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As you all know, how the gaming industry has gained momentum after the launch of games like free fire and PUBG. Among all the battle royale games, Free Fire is one of the most popular ones. Its sharp, action-pack gameplays attract new players every day. Once you start playing the game, you will definitely like to improve your gameplay gradually.


And to improve your level in the game, you first need to master some skills. One of the important elements for the level of growth in free fire is able to fire a perfect headshot at your enemies in the game. This requires a lot of practice with patience. Although you can spend hours practicing your purpose, some strategies and settings can quicken the process

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We shared informative content which includes-

  • How to do a free fire headshot in a genuine way
  • How to stay away from illegal ways like free fire hack headshot apps
  • Reasons for not using free fire hack headshot apps

Free fire headshot hack allows players to fire perfect headshots with only a tap, leading you to stay ahead in the competition.

And you have visited the correct website if you are searching for free fire headshot hack tricks and free fire auto headshot hack settings. You just keep scrolling and you will know some new tricks at every step.

NOTE: Friends, Garena has invested a lot of hard work and money to develop this game. There is no legal way to get unlimited diamonds. And never waste your time with ff headshot Hack apps and tricks


In this article, we show you only the legitimate ways to kill your free fire in-game enemies with a perfect headshot . Morever Free fire is banned in India. So to enhance your gameplay skil, you download Free Fire Max from the playstore

We do not post any illegal and piracy content here like Free Fire hack app. Using free fire headshot hack tricks in the game is both ethically and legally wrong.

What is Garena Free Fire?

free fire game play
Credit-Official free fire site

Garena Free Fire is a mobile battle royale game developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena. The concept of this game is set on an island where players must find weapons and other resources to survive. The game features a variety of modes, including solo, duo, and squad. The game is also notable for its unique characters, which have their own abilities and skins.

The popularity of Garena Free Fire has also changed the gaming industry in many ways. The game has brought new life to battle royale games and paved the way for other mobile games to become major hits. It has also made gaming more accessible to people all around the world, particularly in developing countries where access to technology is limited.

What is a free fire headshot?

free fire headshot hack

Free Fire Headshot is a gaming skill where players can direct fire shots at enemies’ heads. Headshots impact more damage than body shots, so they are essential for taking down opponents quickly and efficiently.

The intensity of Free Fire Hack headshots can be increased by using various weapons including sniper rifles, shotguns, and assault rifles. To maximize the chances of firing a perfect headshot, players must aim for the enemy’s head rather than on the body.


But what is a free fire headshot hack?

Did you know that there are some ff headshot hacks claiming to work fine? These hacks claim to get fire more headshots in Free Fire. These ff headshot hacks may be true but are illegal.

Let us tell you using such hack is completely illegal and unethical. Your free fire account will be completely banned for such practices. Moreover, the company may also block your IP address. So please avoid such hacks or APKs. However, you should know how this headshot hack free fire method works

Here is how the free fire headshot hack works.

When you fire your gun in Free Fire, the game will automatically target the nearest enemy. However, with this hack activated, your gun will lock onto your opponent’s head. This means that you can take them down without aiming at them.

As I already said, this trick is completely illegal. And apart from the permanent ban by the company, there are some other downsides to using the free fire headshot hack. Like it might give other players in the game a bad impression of you, and they may start to target you or leave the game knowing that you are using any illegal tricks.


In short, don’t go for shortcuts. It’s better to learn this skill daily and strengthen your aiming power. To master this you need a lot of practice. Even though you get any free fire headshot hack tricks from anywhere, it won’t work for a long time and you may also get banned by Garena if their system detects such hacks.

Instead of ff headshot hack, you can use this method given below⬇️

Free Fire auto headshot Using Sensitivity settings

If you want to fire a perfect headshot to your enemy without using any free fire headshot hack tricks there is no doubt that sensitivity settings play a crucial role. If you have the right sensitivity settings, you will be able to land more headshots and get the upper hand in battle.

headshot hack free fire sensitivity

However, finding the right sensitivity settings can be a bit tricky.


So today, we want to share some tips and tricks for adjusting your sensitivity settings in Free Fire so that you can fire a headshot without using any Free Fire headshot hacks. First, you should understand that the sensitivity settings differ depending on whether you are using a touch screen or a physical controller.

For touchscreen devices– It is generally recommended that you use a lower sensitivity setting, as this will give you more control over your target. Keep the sensitivity to around 50%

For physical controller – For this, you should set a higher sensitivity setting. This is because with a physical controller, you will have more precise aiming, and thus, you can use higher sensitivity. You can set the sensitivity around 80%.

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For shooting from far away – In this case, you can keep your sensitivity relatively low, as it can be hard to track moving targets while aiming with a high degree of accuracy.

  • General: 100
  • Red Dot: 82
  • 4X Scope: 60-65
  • 2X Scope: 70-75
  • Sniper Scope: 50-55
  • Free Look: 50-55

For close-range shooting in the game – In this case you need to increase your sensitivity so that you can more easily track their movements.

  • General: 96-100
  • Red Dot: 87-90
  • 4X Scope: 75-80
  • 2X Scope: 85-90
  • Sniper Scope: 55-60
  • AWM Scope:7-10
  • Free Look: 65

Generally speaking, you should use a setting that is closest to your natural field of view. For example, if your natural field of view is about 75 degrees, you should use a camera setting closer to this number.

If you ask if there are any specific sensitivity settings? The answer is there is no fixed sensitivity setting at all. It totally depends on your personal preferences and your game playing style.

Still, we will like to share with you the ideal sensitivity settings that most pro players use and knock down the enemy without any free fire headshot hack. Here are the settings.

  • General: 42-45
  • Red Dot: 85-90
  • 2X Scope: 20-25
  • 4X Scope: 20-25
  • AWM Scope: 5-10

It was just for an overall idea. You can set your own setting but the sensitivity values should be the same as in the table above. Once you find a good sensitivity that works well for you, you can adjust it as needed based on your playing style and the weapon you’re using.


Of course, you can always experiment with different sensitivities and see what works best for you. It’s better to experiment and practice than to use Free Fire Headshot Hack Tricks.

Once you’ve finalized your sensitivity settings, the next thing can do is adjust your fire button layout. This is as crucial as sensitivity because it will determine how quickly and easily you can shoot in the game. So set the firing button to the appropriate position of your mobile screen to launch a perfect headshot in the free fire game.

NOTE: it’s also important to consider the sensitivity settings of your competitor players when making your adjustments. If everyone in the game has set a lower sensitivity setting on their device than you, your settings may not produce the expected results.

Since free fire is banned in India. You can download free fire Max to try your headshot skill ⬇️
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Game Size0.9 GB
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Official update 19 March 2022
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Can be used forFree fire headshot practice

Control settings for a perfect headshot without using free fire headshot hack

free fire hack headshot settings

If you want to take a perfect headshot without a free fire headshot hack, it’s important to understand the different control settings and how they affect your aim.

There are several factors that can affect your aim, including:

  • Sensitivity: This is how quickly your character moves across the screen when you move your mouse. A higher sensitivity means you can aim more quickly, but it may also make it harder to get a perfect shot.
  • Zoom: Many weapons in the free fire have a zoom feature, which allows you to get a closer view of your target and make more precise shots.
  • Firing mode: Different weapons have different firing modes, such as single-shot or burst fire. Depending on what kind of weapon you’re using, you may want to adjust your firing mode to suit your needs.
  • Crosshair: Your crosshair is the small dot in the center of your screen that represents where your bullets will go. You can customize the size, color, and shape of your crosshair in the game’s settings menu.

Open free fire game, and change the following things in the control setting

  • Quick Reload – On
  • Damage Indicator – New
  • Lift Fire Button – Scope Only
  • Auto Switch Gun – On
  • AWM Snipping – Hold Fire To Scope
  • Free Look– On
  • Autoload – On

Free fire auto Headshot Setting(Without free fire headshot hack)

Once you have got all the sensitivity settings as per your need and convenience, you just need to adjust the auto-fire setting.

This setting determines how quickly your crosshair will aim at the target. Set it to high and your shots should be more accurate and faster, making it easier for you to get headshots.

free fire auto headshot hack

Keep Graphics Controls as follows-

  • Graphics – Ultra
  • High Resolution – High
  • Shadow – On
  • Filter – Vivid
  • High FPS – High

Best tips to hit accurate headshots

When it comes to headshots, you might initially find it difficult to practice. But with the right technique and some practice, you’ll be able to hit accurate headshots every time and that too without using any free fire diamond hack tricks. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Always make sure that your target is clearly visible on your screen. Check if there’s something(in-game elements like trees, buildings, etc) blocking your view of their head or face, you won’t be able to take a clean shot.
  • Choose a weapon that has good accuracy and less recoil so that you can improve your chances of nailing those headshots. You can use sniper rifles to get excellent long-range accuracy headshots when fired from the correct position.
  • If possible you can find a stable surface to rest your weapon on before taking the shot – this will help you keep the crosshair stable and achieve an accurate headshot in free fire
  • The more you shoot at targets and practice consistently, the better you’ll become at hitting those all-important headshots.

How to Change Free Fire Sensitivity Settings

free fire headshot target

First, let’s take a look at how to access the sensitivity settings menu in Free Fire. This can be done by going into Settings –> Controls –> Sensitivity.

  • Open free fire game
  • Tap on the setting icon on the top right corner
  • Now in Settings, click on Controls
  • Now set the sensitivity as per your need

Once you’re in the sensitivity menu, you’ll see a range of different settings that can be adjusted. These are as follows:

In-game sensitivity (screen movement speed) – This setting controls how quickly the screen moves when using the mouse or analog stick to turn in any direction.

Scope sensitivity (scope movement speed) – This setting affects how fast the crosshair moves when you’re aiming down sights with a scoped weapon. It’s advisable to keep this value at or near 100%.

Red dot, 2x scope, and 4x scope sensitivities – These settings work in the same way as the scope sensitivity, but only affect specific scopes. For most players, it’s best to keep these values at or near 100% as well.

Don’t use any Free fire headshot hack app

Unfortunately, you will find many hack apps on the internet that are absolutely scams. The truth is that there is no such thing as a free fire headshot hack app. All of these so-called “hacks” are just scams designed to steal personal information or install malware on your device.

And even worse, some ff headshot hack free fire apps can actually contain malware that will harm your device and put your personal information at risk.

You can always join many Free fire communities where experienced players share tips and strategies with beginners. You can also find many gaming YouTube channels putting content related to gameplay tutorials and secret strategies without using free fire headshot tricks.

So if you’re thinking about using one of those headshot hack free fire apps, think again! They may sound like a quick fix, but in reality, they are nothing more than a waste of time and money. We are repeatedly advising you to master the free fire headshot skill by practicing only and not by using any headshot hack free fire tricks

Headshot hack free fire tricks will lead to a permanent ban

Do you know these false free fire headshot hack tricks/apps can put your free fire account in trouble? You could get banned from Free Fire if you use a headshot hack.

Garena Free Fire takes these types of activities very seriously and will immediately ban any player caught using hacks or other unfair means to gain an advantage in the game. This means that if you use a free fire hack headshot you can lose everything you worked so hard to gain.



While many players are tempted to use Free Fire headshot hacks, it is important to remember that the unnecessary risks are simply not worth it. Instead of cheating and trying to find ways to move on, you better start focusing on improving your skills and strategies in Free Fire. Not only will this help make your gameplay more fun and challenging, but it can also help ensure that you stay out of unwanted troubles

Do you still have questions about how using a headshot hack can lead to a permanent ban in Free Fire? If so, leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!​


This article on Free Fire headshot hack is for an informational and practical purpose only. We do not provide any hacking tips or illegal information in our blog. We want to thank you for your patience. The post uses the word hack to warn users to avoid scams. We warn our visitors to avoid being duped by any website because there is no way to get any free fire headshot hack app link or tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hack free fire auto headshot?

There is nothing like a free fire auto headshot hack. Whatever apps/files you see on the internet are completely fake. Hitting a headshot is a gaming skill and you can master this only by practicing.

how to hack auto headshot in the free fire?

In Free Fire, you can never hack auto headshot. It is a skill and it takes time to reach this level. If you want to play the Free Fire game safely then stay away from such hacks and tricks. Try and learn things genuinely instead of running after shortcuts

Is there any app for a free fire headshot hack?

No, there is no such app. Even if you find an app with such names, try to avoid it.


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