11 top games like PUBG Mobile

Today, everybody knows the rage of PUBG(Players Unknown Battle Ground) game among the Youngsters and of course in the Gaming community. This is the first battle royale game that has gained its fame in a very short span of time. The game with its unique concept and powerful game design became the most addictive mobile game. Earlier there were no such games like PUBG Mobile.

11 top games like PUBG Mobile

Nowadays we can see many other PUBG type games that can compete with it. Although the game is trendy now, sometimes it becomes quite boring. Moreover, not everyone prefers to stick around with one game for too long.

In addition, the ban on PUBG mobile by India Government has triggered the worst situation for PUBG gamers. On that note, we have sorted out the 11 top games like PUBG Mobile for those players who seek mobile games with a similar PUBG kind of theme. So let us begin.

Call of Duty

Compatibility – Android, iOS , PC, PS, Xbox

My personal favorite game on this list is a game that’s been the talk of the gaming world lot recently which is Call of Duty or COD mobile.

In my unbiased opinion, I would say Call of Duty mobile is one of the greatest shooting games like PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS users of all time. You can see many live streaming videos on youtube that were made on the game.

11 top games like PUBG Mobile

Like PUBG, COD has so many different game modes. You will get modes like Team Death Match, you have captured the flag mode, Zombie mode.

What I like the most are its beautiful Maps. I’ve never seen such an eye-catching map in any battle royale game. Its unique classes that you can choose between before a match starts, gliding realistic weapon mechanics, great vehicle mechanics.

  • Different Game modes and Maps
  • Lag-free Game
  • Awesome graphics with superb mechanics
  • Best FPS game
  • Compatible with both high-tier and budget devices
  • Matchmaking system is not up to the mark
  • Gaming community is lower than PUBG

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Garena Free Fire

Compatibility – PC, Xbox, PS, iOS, Android

Continuing on another mobile battle royale game that is arguably one of the most popular games right now is a game called Garena free fire.

This is not the budget version of PUBG. Although it’s very comparable to PUBG in many different aspects.

It’s a highly competitive mobile battle royale and big streamers are also playing it now. I can say this game is a lot different than PUBG in many aspects.

There are only 50 people in a regular match and matches take 10 minutes on average as opposed to almost 30 for PUBG matches. So it has more intense matches and different characters you can play as similar to PUBG.

Now each update is bringing out recently a lot of different smaller features with new game modes like toxic zone, rush hour, and clash squad.

Custom rooms, changing maps, monster trucks from airdrops, and tons of different unique in-game items are also rolled out on a regular basis.

So this can be the best alternative to PUBG in my opinion but let me know in a comment what you think of this game. I’m curious in hearing your opinions

  • Fast and Lite gameplay
  • Create squads of 4 players
  • Smooth graphics and Easy controls
  • New Weapon is added in every update
  • Requires high storage space
  • Sometimes ping problem,

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Cyber Hunter

Compatibility – Android, iOS, PC

Hunter cyber hunter is unique because it’s a kind of combination of PUBG mobile &fortnight mobile into one game.

You have a lot more movement options and this is why they call it the next generation of battle royale games.

If you like parkour this game has it climbing up walls, gliding from the top of tall buildings, and mountains and rolling your character to dodge enemies alongside a big underground element.

11 top games like PUBG Mobile

A key feature of this game is quantum cubes that can be used to craft different tactical devices like camouflage ability and physical barriers.

This game has a lot of cool features and that will definitely take some time getting used to because it has a very different gameplay interface as compared to PUBG Mobile.

But once you get them down you may really enjoy it. It is probably one of the best games on this list

  • Game with Sci-fi interface
  • Beautiful vehicles and guns
  • Cartoon-ish graphics
  • Variety of cool skins
  • Game sometimes crashes unexpectedly
  • No varieties of MAP

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Survivor Royale

Compatibility – Android, iOS, PC

So to start things off the sixth game we’re going to dive into is none other than survivor Royale.

I don’t know if you have heard of this name or not but what I do know is the fact that this is one of the solid Battle Royale game.

My best description of this is it’s a more budget version of PUBG. Of course, the graphics are not going to be as good as PUBG. It’s arguably not going to perform like PUBG but maybe it’s something you can try out if you’re experiencing a lot of lag.

It has a lot of similar weapons, similar controls and it even has a pan like PUBG mobile. The only major differences for the layout of the UI itself, the map, and things like vehicles.

There are some pretty cool vehicles and I’d say this game puts a heavier emphasis on fights in the water with better ships and more water throughout the map. I can say that this is one of the game like PUBG

  • impressive end-to-end graphics
  • Controls like PUBG
  • Gameplay is similar to PUBG
  • Huge array of weapons
  • Night battles
  • Contains Ads
  • Not compatible with old devices

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Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Compatibility – Android, iOS

It’s time to talk about another big mobile battle royale game for iOS and Android called Hopeless land: Fights for survival.

In this game, you will face 121players and an intense battle royale match in hopeless lands. It’s got a heavy Asian influence with its map tool design and you have a lot of really cool features such as nice gameplay mechanics, good controls, and pretty cool vehicles to control such as helicopters and other things.

The nice thing about hopeless lands is the developers really stressed on making this game available for all types of devices.

So maybe you are watching this and you can’t even play survival Royale or crossfire legends because you keep getting lag issues in those games. Well, this game is probably your best bet at getting a game that actually works lag-free on your device. So download it and try it once out to experience the awesome gameplay.

  • Can play up to 120 players
  • No need of high-end devices
  • Cool vehicles to control
  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • No frequent updates
  • Bugs present

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Knives Out

Compatibility – Android, iOS, PC

Another massively popular game we have yet to talk about is a game called knives out.

I really don’t know how else to describe this game other than it being super similar to Hopeless land : fight for survival which we mentioned earlier.

It was developed at the same time as the fight for survival.

However, I found it’s got better graphics than the previous one. You will have a lot of the same characteristics as PUBG mobile such as similar weapons, physics, vehicle physics controls, and other and items.

This game also has other unique game modes that would be worthy of mentioning. There are a sniper battle game-mode, team fights, and my personal favorite of 50 Vs 50 which is I believe a unique trait to this game.

So I would recommend downloading it if you really want to play game like PUBG Mobile. If you’re wanting to try something completely different then download this game and try it out.

  • Closest alternative to PUBG
  • Unique gameplay locations
  • Amazing graphics and smooth gameplay
  • Greater degree of customization
  • Good collection of weapons
  • Sometimes some minor glitches are observed

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Battle Prime

11 top games like PUBG Mobile

Compatibility – Android, iOS

After releasing the game PUBG mobile, which has changed the industry of action game, every gamer now looks for more games like PUBG.

Battle Prime is one such game that can be played easily in place of PUBG. With over 10M+ downloads, this game has all the basic to pro features including new maps, new weapons, new game modes and with photo-realistic graphics, detailed heroes, weapons, and maps on the top device

For the Graphics part, I must say it is well equipped with console-level graphics and cool animations to keep the players involved in the game.

Like PUBG, with every increase in level victory in battle pass, you will get exclusive rewards

This is probably one of the best TPP Pubg type games. And obviously it can be perfectly fitted in the list of top PUBG like games. Whenever time permits, this game has kept me coming back daily for a few rounds. I would compare it a lot to Call of Duty Mobile and suggest you try it once.

  • Players with unique tactics and playstyles
  • Victory gets you closer new rewards
  • Photo-realistic graphics
  • Very fun gunplay
  • Premium access to better skins
  • Only premium can upgrade your weapons faster

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World War Heroes: WW2 FPS

Compatibility – Android, iOS, PC

World war heroes is a good historic themed FPS game. I felt like playing a PC game, where Heroes and General characters are really awesome, which I like.

The game concept is quite simple as its name where battle players from around the globe will get prepared for the WWII-era online fight.

You need to destroy the enemies and keep away from vicious tank battles within the middle of Berlin and other cities.

Like PUBG Mobile here also you can participate in groups, fight in battles, and plant bombs and defend them.

That is one of the best FPS games I have ever played on mobile. The gameplay is smooth, the controls are easy

There are a bunch of weapons and characters to select from, it is a superb online battle game after PUBG

However, definitely play to win when you attain level 20. It places you in servers with individuals which are war at a higher stage with better weapons.

So if you want to experience the gameplay of both war type and PUBG type game, I highly suggest you give it a shot.

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Bomb mode
  • One-life battle
  • Amazing and optimized graphics
  • Controls are very responsive
  • Many present-day demanding features are missing
  • Little bugs

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Infinity Ops: Online FPS

Compatibility – Android, iOS, PC

Infinity Ops is an action-packed FPS sci-fi based shooter game like PUBG.

This will be a superb alternative to PUBG because it mimics the battle royale experience to a fairly good extent

Infinity Ops is designed with full of extraordinary features. You can create your own clan and others invite other users to join.

You can see a variety of weapons in the game with its own unique properties.

What I feel special in this game is its material and objects interaction,
where low gravity makes players jump far and universal gravity affects the running speed!

Along with 3D graphics, you can use jetpacks for flight. Same like PUBG, this game also offers many Gaming modes like Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Hardcore, and Custom games. It is one of the best PUBG like game in the mobile game market

I would say this is a very good option if you are looking for PUBG type games or an alternative to PUBG

  • Action-packed Sci-fi game
  • Variety of weapons
  • 3D graphics and fun gameplay
  • Many Game modes
  • Sound effects are not that good
  • Too much ads

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Modern Ops – Online FPS

Compatibility – Android, iOS

Modern Ops is relatively new and not that popular but if you’re looking for something fresh and brand new in the world of online PUBG like games, this is the one to try. Its name is similar to the name of the previous listed game Infinity Ops.

Like every one of the other games like Pubg on this list, Vast survival is a multiplayer action and adventure game with high-end 3D visuals. Modern Ops is another 3D FPS game like PUBG with never-ending fire and shooting action. This is a great and addictive game like PUBG.

Get to know players from all over the world where you can play against players from all over the world by Joining the team battles. You can see many new enemies kill strategies like drone strikes, sentry guns, and even rocket launchers to make your strategy unique.

I found it a great and addictive game. It is just like CoD and LESS LAGGY. A must download for all the players who want less to no lag game.

Trust me you will fall in love for it when you will experience its amazing graphics ,game play ,good control , good looking weapons and all the different maps

You should try out this game if you really want to play games like PUBG or looking for a better alternative to PUBG.

  • Less laggy
  • Different Maps and guns
  • Team game of 5vs5
  • The graphic is not that good

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Android Download

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Compatibility – Android, Mac, Wndows

Fortnite was ranked at 10th position in our list, its so because it is neither available for iOS users nor present on the Play Store.

Although it can be downloaded from other online sources in apk format, its 8GB of storage makes it a big no for Indian gamers to download.

One good point to consider is that fortnite can also be played on Android mobile players to compete with PC and console players. In addition, the game is cross-platform.

The game is a very unique Battle Royal game and can be a good alternative to PUBG Mobile. There are some features and elements that make the game more immortal and enjoyable. The installation process is rather smooth and you can learn how to install Fortnite on Android from Play Store without our guide.

In addition, Fortnite can be easily played on run Android 8 or higher with minimum 4 GB of RAM.

In terms of gameplay, Fortnite should be the best game like PUBG Mobile for both Android and iOS that is very similar to PUBG Mobile in most of the aspects.

Like PUBG M you can see 4 gaming modes that are 100-Player-

  • Battle Royal
  • Party Royale
  • Creative and
  • Save the World

One of the major similarities is the party which can be related to Cheer Park of PUBG Mobile. Apart from all these similarities, one added creative feature is to build your own island and clans.

  • You can build your own island and clans.
  • It also has a mode similar to Cheer Park in Pubg
  • High-quality graphics
  • Very unique Battle Royal game
  • Not Available in PlayStore or Apple Store
  • Its size is about 8 GB

Not available for iOS

Android Download

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Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

Compatibility – Android, iOS, PC

The game was developed by the famous company Gameloft. They have tried to ensure that everything is made great. And when it comes to the battlefield, they know the deal.

The story, gameplay, graphics, and controls all are very good and undoubtedly can be listed in the best games like PUBG list.

Modern Combat 5 known as one of the most enjoyable games in the FPS shooting games list.

This one is like a synonym of awesome in gameplay. It has a challenging storyline with all realistic features, the multiplayer is also nice.

You have different game modes or you can say playstyles like Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, or Kommander.

This game provides you a feature to master specific skills by earning and spending Skill Points. Modern Combat 5 can be worth a hit, especially if you like sniper games

Its stunning graphics and awesome gameplay make the overall game worth to get 5star, though it will take time to master the controls, it is still decent enough. However, I found Maps are kinda small. This makes the experience not that good.

Well, overall it is a good game and all. Especially the graphics are better than the older modern combat games and that too for free.

  • Very good Graphics
  • Variety of modes and maps
  • Story mode is available
  • It has an auto-aiming feature
  • Controls are hard
  • Small maps

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Wrapping it Up

So, friends, these are some of the best games like PUBG or the best alternatives to PUBG  that every Battle Royale fan must have on their smartphone. Although you can see many such battle royale games like PUBG in the mobile gaming industry, you have to choose and find the correct game for you.

As far as I know, this list of best PUBG like games is enough to resolve your queries. And if you are aware of any other such games please mention them on the comment below. We would like to include those games too in our list

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