Free fire free diamonds{2500+}|Free fire free diamond today|Free fire unlimited diamond May

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Hello friends, how is your free fire gaming going? I know you are getting pro day by day. And chill, you have landed on the perfect website that meets your intent to get a free fire free diamond. You just go through every paragraph, and I assure you you you will get some new tricks to get free fire free diamonds. Let me start with an introduction. 


Friends, we are all sports lovers and are well aware of the craze of the Garena Free Fire game. It has become the most sought-after battleground game after the ban of PUBG mobile. When the Indian government imposed a ban on PUBG, most of its active players immediately shifted their platform from PUBG to Garena free fire. And surprisingly the download number of Free Fire had just exploded in the Playstore within a day only.

And after that Garena free fire team never failed to impress us. Their unique customer engagement methods like regular exciting offers, events, and rewards, new in-game characters, guns, clothes, weapon skins have always gained popularity among gamers like us. 

Guys, you will find lots of ways on the internet to get Free Fire free diamond code. However, the fact is that most of the tricks might not work for you.


NOTE: Friends, Garena has invested a lot of hard work and money to develop this game. There is no legal way to get unlimited diamonds. And never waste your time with Free Fire Diamond Hack Tools, Diamond Generator Tools etc.

In this article, we show you only the legitimate ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire. We personally buy google play redeem codes and share them with you. In this way, you can indirectly use our code to buy free fire diamonds using your google play store wallet.

We do not post any illegal and piracy content here like Free Fire Diamond Hack Tool, Unlimited Diamonds Generator Tool. Using hacks to get UNLIMITED diamonds in the game is both ethically and legally wrong.

We always recommend you to buy diamonds in the legal way, and that’s why we bring to you some 100% legal and genuine ways to get Free Fire Diamonds.

On the other hand, our team of Mrtechsonu always comes up with new and genuine ways to give you free fire unlimited diamond. Scroll down and we have mentioned all the secret and personal ways that our team uses to obtain free fire free diamonds. We have also mentioned many legitimate apps to collect free fire free diamonds. Scroll down and we have listed out all the free fire free diamond apps that our team uses to get free diamonds.

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Diamond amount100 – 1000 diamonds
Number of redeem codes added per day1-2 free fire diamond codes
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Proofs of free fire free diamond and free fire redeem codes May 2022

Proofs of free fire free diamonds
Free fire free diamonds{2500+}|Free fire free diamond today|Free fire unlimited diamond May
Free fire free diamonds{2500+}|Free fire free diamond today|Free fire unlimited diamond May

Why do we want a free free fire diamond code?

Why do we want a free fire free diamond code

All free fire players know that to buy any in-game items, we need a free fire premium in-game currency that is named “free fire diamonds”. Once our level in the free-fire goes up, inside-us starts asking us to buy free fire items. It portrays our free-fire character as more powerful and interesting than our competitors. 

This free fire diamond is used to buy many in-game cosmetics or you can say addons. This Free fire free diamond can be used to purchase characters, weapons, clothes, weapon skins, loot box skins, etc. 


Additionally, free fire diamonds also open a gateway to buying many amazing features like new characters, emotions, message chat, and actions. Using the free fire free diamonds we can purchase famous characters including Alvaro, DJ Alok character free, Luqueta, Kelly, Jota, Paloma Rafael, Clu, Shimada, Hayato, A124, Laura, Wolfrahh, Adam, Antonio, etc by using the free fire diamonds. 

Those who don’t know the free fire free diamond link, spend a little amount of their money to purchase a free diamond free fire. So guys, if you want to save your and your parent’s money keep scrolling down the post to discover new tricks.

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Some google play redeem codes to get a free fire diamond code free May 2022

Here we have provided some free redeem codes that will help you to add free money to your google play store wallet which in turn will help you to buy a free fire diamond code. Scroll down to find out how we got these free codes. Keep reading this post till the end so that you know all the sources from where we get the code.


  • 34WSWL63FESK5VP5
  • 4P11L3EG8S7VNAYA
  • HZBX7W2S9Y7BU9F2
  • X4B94AT6LTKU266U
  • LK7DUU82KV845UDK
  • 88ESB121151T0RG7
  • 1VT215SVA8N0AS89
  • BA2YDZZWN23378PF
  • 6NJCD1ZM9BBB8091
  • GJ71M9SG773SXU2Y
  • 43T1ET72VE8U0M70
  • 44SKG9J3UGXVUT92
  • A7FW5XFK4XC98G39
  • A5J0B3Y227BZ0AAM
  • 3010CB8NL7JZVM70
  • AGK0YB6D53K5MJKF (Added 06 Min Ago)
  • F32F68U2T35ZVV1K (Added 05 Min Ago)
  • H5N2ZN55PX30NJ0J (Added 05 Min Ago)
  • KBTFTB7C21UA1MTC (Added 05 Min Ago)
  • EU1FWZJL2X9PULZU (Added 05 Min Ago)
  • JCGG55FDTJFG1VPW (Added 04 Min Ago)
  • GAMJH3BLYPL7842Y(Added 04 Min Ago)
  • KKNZ1F58CPZNNG49(Added 03 Min Ago)
  • 0TJF77AUZFJR9S1A (Added 02 Min Ago)
  • 5XMB6903EYE5M0X0 (Added 02 Min Ago)
  • G93YHWGFABW3YT79(Added 01 Min Ago)
  • 3UY0KCE7PVDJU8EY(Added 01 Min Ago)
  • DTDYXTK2K778HLG6(Added 01 Min Ago)
  • FFEWCUJ8913Z4TVN(Added 45 Sec Ago)
  • 86UZN167854UYXZB(Added 45 Sec Ago)
  • D8GPYX54UDLWKN5T(Added 01 Sec Ago)
  • BX6MA2NKVX0A7BD7(Added just now)
  • 80VKTH8GP262R8SK(Added just now)
  • BX6MA2NKVX0A7BD7(Added just now)
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Free fire free diamonds{2500+}|Free fire free diamond today|Free fire unlimited diamond May

Free fire diamond codes


Free Fire Unban Date 2022, Official Update & NewsFree fire headshot hack? Legal tricks

  • HDDO83YTOC80
  • PMYUBD7U2G75
  • XV39BA345WDM
  • IC818Y6NUH6F
  • VVR89GD2EJ2X
  • MSXO16H9NV0C
  • ZKPQ8Q0M3T2A
  • PURRH6CA9476
  • DKMG7OI4P9V1
  • 7N6DX9I600J2
  • RT294NGI9BEH
  • P3WX5XE2Z8LB
  • M33P5BG5ZMEM
  • 9IJ5YBQU05QW
  • O486UW30X940
  • FL48X6M7YS0J
  • DKK83CYXD0Y7
  • N4B7WTB9PYY6
  • ZD83G7T9USA8
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7S7YK7XSZNF3Z56B $2 04:48 PM
A5J0B3Y227BZ0AAM ₹20 08:33 PM
B9RX6REDGV85RMY6 $1 09:17 PM
HJ489JBV29V9JHBV$110:39 PM
CAB2927G1M0MX9VY ₹10 11:07 PM
7S7YK7XSZNF3Z56B ₹20 12:01 AM
512DXA535EKDML29$5 12:07 AM
4TXLMZP5V3P9MFE3 ₹15 12:30 AM
H4Z36Y73KGPTEI3B ₹20 1:02 AM
13MUPV9H97ZSUN6E₹15 1:30 AM
J3KR6V24808LDSRS₹20 2:29 AM
NSU6J38BSI7YOAU0 ₹10 2:45 AM
6G2JAVY7Z48NUYHC ₹20 2:58 AM
DD0C87YW7KBWF3U2₹103:23 AM
H459FTGA8AWZBH2S₹253:57 AM
954K9Z0P5SCU26NH₹204:08 AM
3B4V7GF3YA2SNUSM₹105:04 AM
0FR23B8LNEHXKPMJ ₹10 5:39 AM
JW59S9S05YKYR3CE₹207:00 AM
2E36NS9JJ7TBNBN5 ₹10 7:23 AM
4KW3Y44YDS3UKEHX ₹45 7:30 AM
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9RBJR01NK1519MX7₹1011:03 AM
9XUP12NV1BF113M4₹2011:21 AM
3B9V7A02V93WC7RJ$201:22 PM
6TCTE9UP0PU91Z8C₹2002:52 PM
GFL90CR48U5EXX5Y₹1002:56 PM
CMBE5JTG1288TX6G₹2003:34 PM
DH1CU6EH0K3XMJ59₹1005:45 PM
01RBX65G91TNTSE3₹3005:51 PM
9RBJR01NK1519MX7₹1006:23 PM
54IIXSKGJW8I5H10$207:04 PM
LN43NL7OX0TZ8VR0₹3007:07 PM
01RJP67BWT5JP22V₹3508:30 PM
17P7LAAC4V7LDFAP₹2009:18 PM
5TJV78972YKLNYW4$209:31 PM
BCA0CFCGNX2WC427₹3010:34 PM
7K8L38A99UAT8PGV₹1010:59 PM
GNX86Y254HCFE7L8₹3511:56 PM
7L61L8J5R8E592Z5₹1512:22 PM
KEGPVKS2L99U6HZ1$112:31 PM
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How to use the free fire free diamonds?

As I already said, free fire diamonds can be used to buy famous characters like DJ Alok characters for free, weapons, skins, etc. If you don’t know how to buy these free fire free diamonds, then there are several methods to do this. One common method is by using the Google play store. This is the most used app to get free fire free diamond, but before that, you must ensure that your playstore account has enough balance.

How to use the free fire free diamonds?

Now let’s see how to do it?

  • First of all, open Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Tap on your profile icon situated in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Then tap on the option – Payments and Subscriptions.
  • Under Payments & Subscriptions, you will see an option saying ‘Redeem Gift Code‘.
  • A pop-up will be prompted
  • Enter the redeem code to add money to your wallet
  • Then go to the free fire app
  • Simply select any in-game premium items that you want to purchase
  • And then you will see the pop of Playstore asking for you to make the payment
  • Tap on Continue

You can complete the redemption process on your computer too. All you have to do is follow the given steps.


  • Open the Chrome browser on your desktop or phone
  • On the top right corner, 4 options are present ‘Gmail’, ‘Images’, ‘A Google app logo‘, and the last one will be your ‘Gmail logo‘.
  • Click on the ‘Google App logo‘ (looks like a dial-pad with 9 dots)
  • Select the ‘Google play icon
  • You will be redirected to the playstore page
  • Now on this page ‘Payment Methods‘ is present on the left side of the screen
  • On the next window click on ‘Add Payment Methods
  • Once clicked, a ‘Redeem Code‘ option will come
  • Enter the redeem code in the blank space and click “Redeem” to get the google play redeem code
  • Use the google play wallet balance to purchase a free fire diamond in your FF id

How to convert Google Play credits to free diamond free fire

  • Open the Free Fire app on your device.
  • To purchase a diamond tap the “+” icon at the top of the screen.
  • A new window will appear showing you the different plans for ff diamonds
  • Choose the pack you want to purchase.
  • Then you will be redirected to the Google Play payment gateway.
  • Select your Google Play balance as the payment method to purchase the diamond.
  • Tap on the Buy button to complete the purchase

If your Google play account does not have a wallet balance then follow the next step

  • Tap on Google Play balance 
  • Select the Redeem code
  • Copy the redeem code from the Mrtechsonu blog 
  • And then Tap “Redeem”
  • Now you can easily buy free fire free diamonds 

Google play store is not the only source to buy free fire diamonds, there are third apps that work as the best alternative to this. Few famous websites and apps for free fire free diamonds to buy free fire diamonds for free are

  • MooGold
  • Paytm
  • UPI payment apps like PhonePe, GooglePay, AmazonPay, etc

We have written a dedicated post for Free google Play redeem code. You can check it out. Further, we have mentioned in detail below. Just scroll down to know how to add free balance in Playstore. Now let’s come back to the main topic and know how to get free fire unlimited diamond.

You must be wondering if we have to add money to the google play store, then what is the value of visiting this blog? Don’t worry friends, we won’t disappoint you for any reason. Actually, it is an indirect way to get free fire free diamonds. 


You scroll down to know the best working sources that will pay you free fire free diamond for sure. We personally collect the diamonds from these sources


Free fire diamond generator tool?

Free fire diamond generator tool

Guys, do you know whether these free fire generator unlimited diamond trick works or not?

Once you turn on the internet and search for terms like free fire redeem code generator, or free fire diamond generator, many results will be shown to you. But do the free fire diamond generator do really works?

The answer is NO and YES both. 99.99% of the time these free fire diamond generators won’t work. These free fire diamond generators use a PHP coding script that simply generates random codes using Alphabets and numbers. 🛑❌


But still, if you consider Mathematical probability, then 1 out of the 10000 diamond codes may work out for you. I mean if good luck is on your side then who knows one code may act as a lottery for you. But it is practically next to impossible. So it is better that you do not get caught in these traps. Still, if you have faith in your luck, you can try the free fire diamond generator tools.😜

Free fire free diamonds{2500+}|Free fire free diamond today|Free fire unlimited diamond May

You may come across many spammy illegal free fire free diamond generation links. They claim to generate Working Fire Fire-Free free Diamonds, but in reality, they are fooling you. Garena has a strong security level on its servers and they never allow any third-party apps to interfere with their ecosystem. 🛑🚫

Mrtecsonu and his team never promote such diamond generation links. Please stay away from such websites, as there is a possibility that you may become a target of fraud from fraudulent sources. Also, many websites contain malware and viruses, and once you enter the website you will be redirected to many websites which may go beyond your control. So it is a strong piece of advice for you not to use free fire generator unlimited diamond tools or links. 🛑❌

Free 50000 Diamonds Generator App May 2022?

Free 50000 Diamonds Generator App 2021

All the Free Fire Gamers must be aware of the fact is that it is practically impossible to get free fire 99,999 diamonds. But there are some tricks available on the market to generate this number of 1000000 free fire diamond code.


But before proceeding be aware of the cancellation of your free fire account. Even a small hint to Free Fire about this trick/fraudulent activity can permanently suspend your Free Fire ID. ❌ 🚫

Free fire diamond tricks- Do free fire Diamond types of tricks work?

A big NO. Never do this type of illegal free fire diamond tricks. These free-fire diamond methods never work and can get you in trouble in return. In fact, Free Fire may block your Free Fire ID permanently.

You may be looking to get free fire-free diamond by searching terms like Free fire diamond, free fire diamond, free fire unlimited diamond mod, etc but actually are all these are against the policy of free fire🛑🚫

It is advised not to go against the privacy policy of any company. Otherwise, your account will be permanently banned by Garena 🛑❌. So we request you to use only legitimate ways to get free diamonds in free fire. If you want to get free diamonds free fire then you have to invest your time in these legal tricks and apps. So it is better to play a safe game.

Some direct ways to get FREE FIRE FREE DIAMOND


There are many direct and indirect methods that can provide you with free diamond free fire. If you use direct ways either you have to use a few bucks from your pocket or have to wait for the right event to come.

You need to explore different platforms to get some free fire free diamonds. Mrtechsonu blog is one such platform where you will get free google play redeem codes and free fire redeem codes. So without stretching the topic further, let us directly come to the legit ways to get free diamonds in free fire.

These are the multiple ways in which you can get free fire free diamonds

Google play redeem codes or Free fire Redeem Codes: These are the codes that will help you to add money to your google play store account or can directly help you to buy the free diamond in free fire. We provide free google play redeem codes every day on our blog. Please do visit the post to grab the code immediately. 

You can then use the play store wallet balance to buy the free fire diamonds. Check out the prices you need to get the diamonds. Accordingly, you collect money in your play store account using our redeem codes.

Free Fire Diamonds Prices

Rs 80 100 diamonds
Rs 250 310 diamonds
Rs 400 520 diamonds
Rs 800 1060 diamonds
Rs 1600 2180 diamonds
Rs 4000 5600 diamonds

Purchase Membership Plans: If you purchase any membership plan it may be weekly, monthly or both, you will receive diamonds as cashback. The weekly membership costs $1.99 that provides 420 diamonds, while the monthly plan provides 1,900 for $7.99.

Report Bugs in Advance Server: Garena Free fire lets you find bugs in their updates. And if you find any bug and give them feedback regarding this you will be offered free fire free diamonds.


Participate in events:  Participate in various free fire events to get free diamonds. Although you get a good chance of getting free fire rewards, they are available in very few numbers. So you have to actively participate in the official events to get some free fire free diamonds. Currently, Diwali top-up event is going on in the app. You can check it out.

Level up pass: As the name suggests, you will be showered with hundreds of diamonds once you climb to the higher level. You can increase your level by purchasing the level-up pass. If you purchase you will receive 4.02X diamonds which are nearly 800 diamonds.

Livestream: You can also get free fire free diamond watching the live streams of gamers/streamers. There are many good players that often offer free fire diamonds free in their live stream.

Discord Giveaway: There are many free fire diamond discords that sometimes bring amazing offers. This discord is actually the platform of many pro players and people knowing the insider news. And some players somehow arrange free fire unlimited diamond codes and share them as giveaways. 

Mrtechsonu Blog– Friends why spend your precious time on the above-mentioned sources that will demand your lot of time? Rather you directly visit our blog and we will keep you updated with the latest free fire free diamond tricks.

How does our team get free fire unlimited diamonds?

To get a few diamonds or even a single redeem code, you have to stay active on various platforms. If you ask us, from where do we get the codes, then we can’t tell you any specific sources of free fire free diamonds.

Every day, Our team participates and joins in different discords, Reddit communities, events, Livestream giveaways to collect a single redeem code. And whenever we get any such diamond packs at a discounted or cheap price we purchase them and immediately share them on our blogs, so that our friends like you can use the codes.

Guys, our team discovers new methods regularly to get free google play redeem codes/free fire diamonds/free PUBG UC. We try to get new and working redeem codes every day to list them on our blog. And while looking for different ways, we install many apps, complete different tasks, and during the process, we receive many redeem codes/ free fire diamond free.

Alright, friends, let me share with you the few sources(sources that we use to find codes for our blogs) from where you can also obtain free diamond free fire to buy your favorite in-game cosmetics.

Why our team collects so many free fire free diamonds?

Before moving on, I want to share one thing with you. Our team has been in this discount, coupon code type of market for many years, even before the release of the Free Fire game. We have a dedicated blog for coupon codes and redeem codes where we sell the codes for paid. And sometimes we add a few codes/tricks in this blog to help those who can’t afford to spend money.


New tricks/methods to get free fire free diamond free

Friends whatever sources we are going to tell you are the 100% working ways. We personally use these tricks to discover a new set of free fire diamonds or free fire redeem codes for our coupon blog. But thing is that you have to keep patience to find the code. Otherwise, you can visit our blog to get the latest Google play redeem codes, Free fire redeem codes, PUBG UC  redeem codes.

Here are the sources of free fire unlimited diamonds

Booyah! App-Free fire unlimited diamond

Booyah! App-Free fire diamond top-up

BOYAH is an app specially developed to watch Free Fire Live Streams and Gaming Short Videos. You can enjoy short gaming videos like YouTube shorts and Instagram reels. All content is created and uploaded by Free Fire users like us. You to be able to Livestream your videos on major streaming platforms.

Using this app you will get instant updates of various live streams. And as I said earlier, Livestream can be a great source to get free fire diamonds.

Apart from this, you can also take part in many live open events. The one you install and start using it, you will get used to it and this app shows upcoming open events on the homepage itself.

Or you can visit the website to get the regular website. Winners will get Free Fire Diamonds for Free. Along with diamonds, there are various rewards such as daily login rewards, booyah shoot rewards, ascension royale bundles, dice tokens, new expressions, car skins (Lamborghini), car skins (monster trucks), new UMP skins, New Wall Skins, Grenade Skins, Loadbox Skins, Buoyah Event Bundles.

How to use the Booyaah app

  • Install the Booyah App from the playstore
  • Go to the profile section present at the bottom right position
  • Sign in using your Google account/Facebook account 
  • Search for various events and participate
  • You can upload your video clip by tapping on the “+” icon at the bottom. 
  • Tap on the clips to watch short free-fire gaming videos.

Win Diamonds, Game Credits, Gift Cards & Cashback


This is the best free fire free diamond app for those free-fire lovers who regularly do online shopping, and want to buy items at a discounted price or cashback offers.

You will get 50-100% cash back for purchasing your favorite online items from different online stores. This app provides rewards in the form of Free fire free diamonds, Free UC for PUBG Player, Google Play Redeem Code, Paytm Cash, Amazon Pay Gift Card, etc.

In addition to this, the app offers options to earn free fire redeem codes by participating in weekly and monthly contests. Its spin the wheel game gives you a chance to try your luck every day and get more rewards.

You can participate in free gifts contests to get free Google Play codes. These google play redeem codes now can be used to purchase free fire diamonds free. The app announces gifts on a weekly basis.

You get a chance to add more rewards to your wallet by discovering new apps and games, participating in various official surveys, and inviting your relatives and friends to use the free fire rewards.

Similar to many other apps in the market, you can use your free time to earn rewards by watching many interesting videos.

Gift Play – Free Game Codes (free fire free diamond app )

free fire free diamond app

This is one of the best free fire free diamond app to get a free fire diamond top-up. You can earn coins and then use the coins to buy free diamonds in free fire.

Let’s understand the steps:

  • Install the app from the play store
  • Open the app and sign in using Google Account
  • On the dashboard, it suggests many ways to earn money
  • And one of the easy and common methods is by installing apps.
  • It pays you Rs 100 by collecting 10,000 coins
  • You just earn the desired number of coins
  • Using coins you redeem free google play codes up to Rs.100.
  • Use the play store balance to buy Free Fire Diamond

Lulubox– A website to get Free Fire Free Diamond 

Lullubox is a website/app that is used to get free fire unlimited diamond, coins, characters skins, and other free fire in-game cosmetics. But we highly recommend you not to use this method. It actually goes against the privacy policy of the Garena free fire game. And if anyhow you got caught by the free fire app, then there is the possibility of getting banned by the company.


playsmart-new redeem code app

Playsmart is a great app to earn free google play redeem codes just by playing games. You first need to install this free app to discover and play many new and exciting games. The more game you play, the larger will be the winning amount. You can then use the earned coins and rewards to exchange with google play gift cards, amazon gift cards, and even real cash too. Whatever you earn, use it to buy free fire free diamond and enjoy the free unlimited diamonds.

The app includes game categories like Casual, Strategy, Action, Puzzle, Arcade, and more.
There are 3 more options to boost your progress and win rewards faster

  • Invite your friends to add extra bonus coins into your account
  • Play a game with a high coin multiplier to collect more coins faster
  • Play the game every day to get chances to collect more coins

Free Recharge- Free fire free diamond app

free diamond free fire

As the name starts with the word “free”, it clearly indicates that you will get free fire diamonds and redeem codes. Although the process is indirect, getting free fire free diamonds using this simple app becomes very easy. You just need to install the app and once installed you will get to know the steps quickly. This app earns you rewards for logging into the app daily.

Over and above, this app provides 5 scratch cards every day to win a diamond as a prize. If you don’t want to use any of the 2 methods, you simply watch videos to earn rewards.

All the rewards you have earned can be directly transferred to your Paytm Wallet and then used to get free fire diamonds or ff redeem codes.

SkillClash-free fire diamond gift 

app to get free fire free diamond

I found this app quite a suitable way to earn free fire diamonds. What I liked is, They reward us for playing many interesting games and you don’t need to install any app for it to play the game. Skillclash is a website that can only be opened on your Chrome browser.

  • Visit the Skillclash website.
  • Register your mobile number in the next window
  • Once the registration is completed, you will be redirected to their home page
  • The homepage lists many trending games
  • It is your choice to play the game by checking the amount of reward you get after playing the game
  • When you earn the coins or any kind of rewards convert them to get free fire redeem codes or Free Google Play Redeem Codes.
  • Use the wallet balance of the play store to purchase ff diamonds.
  • This is the best possible way to buy free diamonds in free fire indirectly

DailyLuck – Free fire code redeem app

free fire diamond code free

This app lets you earn by downloading wallpapers for your phone. Apart from downloading the apps, you can play the Piano Magic Tiles Block game, play with spin, invite your friends and get rewards.

On top of that, you will receive daily bonuses, lucky draw changes, play trending games, daily tasks, and more.

Although the app is unavailable in the playstore, you can download the apk and enjoy the app and boost the chances to get free fire diamond free.

Google Opinion Rewards for free fire diamond top-up

Google opinion rewards to get free fire free diamond

You must have heard the name Google Opinion Rewards, where you will be rewarded for completing surveys regarding various products and services. For that, you have to participate and complete short surveys. Although, you might not get surveys at the very first moment.

This app is worth installing because of its authority and reliability. Actually, this app is brought by Google. Google brings new surveys, opinions, and tasks. regularly and when you complete the tasks, you get rewarded by the app.

Whatever amount you have earned, you directly use the rewards to claim a free Google Play redeem code. Then go to the free fire game and choose the playstore payment to get free fire free diamonds.

  • You have to first download and install the Google Opinion Rewards app
  • Once the Google Opinion Rewards app is installed, open it, 
  • You will be asked to enter your country, postal code, age, and gender.

If you want to get surveys regularly then you can implement a trick. So the method is, every time you open the app, try to participate in surveys using different postal codes and age,  

That means if you answered the survey using a particular profile (postal code, age, gender) and unfortunately, you didn’t get any rewards, just go to settings and change the profile details to a new one.

Simply use them to buy free fire diamonds or free fire redeem codes and enjoy your free gaming life.

Crownit: Fill Surveys & Earn Exciting Rewards

Fill surveys to get free fire unlimited diamond

This is another new app with the same concept. This survey app will pay you 100% real money for sure. I think this is the most used app by our team after the Google Opinion reward app to get any kind of redeem code especially free fire diamonds.

Let me tell you the ways you will get here to earn money. In this app, you can upload your everyday bills, play games, fill online surveys, earn scratch cards & win amazing rewards every time.

You are free to give your opinions and feedback about a variety of products and services that are used in our daily life. One thing that has to be considered is, you have to regularly participate in online surveys and opinion games.

Like the previous app, you will be given very simple tasks to complete. You will be asked to upload a picture of your daily bills. Food Delivery, Restaurants, Online Shopping, Grocery, Cab, Utilities, Film, Fuel, and many more such options are available.

In addition, you will be asked to participate in new daily surveys and it will suggest many new surveys by matching your language. Most surveys are of 10-15 minutes duration.

It has included many games like Tambola, Birdie Rush, Weekly Rush that add more excitement to the app. Once you complete tasks, you get scratch cards hiding many rewards like Paytm Cash, Free Google Play Redeem Codes, Free Fire Redeem Codes Movie Vouchers, Online Shopping Vouchers, Offline Shopping Vouchers, and much more.

Sports Guru Pro- Best free fire free diamond source 

free fire diamond free Sports guru pro

This is a fantasy sports app like MPL. The app comes with a similar earning model and gets paid for completing tasks. Apart from paying for app installation, it has a spin-and-win option. You can use it to spin and earn every day.

This is a unique app and you can also refer your friends to install this app. By doing this, both of you will be mutually benefited.

You can use coins to earn real money (Paytm, Phonepe, or any BHIM UPI), or can be used as a play store redeem code for free in May 2022.

If you are a free-fire or PUBG lover then definitely you can buy free fire free diamond and free PUBG UC.

Rooter App to get free fire free diamond


If you want to earn free diamonds for free fire by watching gaming live streams, then this app is for you. Yes, friends, this is a platform where you will get a chance to watch E-game like Clash Of Clans Mod Apk live streams and receive daily redeem code giveaways. Side by side you can earn rewards by completing the simple daily, weekly and monthly tasks, spinning wheel to get free fire diamonds.

MGamer– New free fire free diamond app

This is an app specially developed to get a free redeem code for Google Play. And using these codes you will get PUBG UC, Free Fire Diamond directly as a reward.

One noticeable feature of this app is that you will get a good amount of real money for fewer in-app coins. And to obtain these coins, you’ll have to complete some simple tasks like watching funny videos, playing games, and filling out surveys.

As it supports all international currencies, you don’t need to worry about cash out of money. So you can earn in dollars as well as your country’s currency. You will get many options to use the reward.

In our case, we wanted to buy Google Play redeem code, so we directly converted the money to the Play store redeem code and transfer it to our Play store account. And then used the code to get free fire free diamonds.

MoneyTree Rewards – Earn free ff diamonds&redeem codes

MoneyTree Rewards Earn free ff diamonds

I think this app will satisfy your demand for free-fire unlimited diamonds. It is easy as well as gives genuine diamonds. You will get free fire diamonds for absolutely free. You won’t be asked to spend a single rupee on this. Once the app is installed, everything will be guided to you. 

This app opens many ways to earn money, gift cards, and vouchers online!. You earn real cash by installing many new apps, answering surveys, and even watching TV shows like Food channels, Movie channels, Gaming channels, etc. There is a quiz game that makes you money by playing them. It also boosts your knowledge.

Now you must be wondering what is the use of the rewards. Let me tell you, these rewards are used to buy money/cash, Amazon gift cards, Google play redeem code, PUBG UC, Free fire diamonds, Xbox Microsoft card, Playstation Network Gift card, etc.

If you create a team and play with them, your reward will be multiplied 8 times and you can earn while playing.

One eye-catching feature is you will be too be credited some amount of money to your account whenever one of your team members earns some rewards. For example, if your team member completes the offer of 1000 points, then you will get 10% of the reward i.e. 100 points.

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CashKarma Rewards: Gift Cards & Scratch Cards

Cashkarma is a reward app that pays you real money by taking surveys, completing tasks, installing apps, etc. This app has tie-up with companies that need your opinion and review for their business. In return, they pay you for such actions.

In the beginning, earning is slow, but if you devote enough time like 1-2 hours per day then you can earn up to Rs.500. One positive aspect of this app is you will be rewarded even if you are disqualified in the survey.

You can either use the earned reward to convert them into real money using PayPal, Paytm, etc. You can also use it to redeem Google Play redeem codes, gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Target, iTunes, Xbox Live, Playstation, Starbucks. And many more.

TaskMate– Free redeem code google play

free fire diamonds and redeem code free

This is another great app brought by Google. As of now, this app is available only for beta users and that’s why it is limited to selected users. Coming to rewards, it works flawlessly while making payments.

You will get a wide range of tasks to complete. It pays your rewards on time, it is so because this app includes tasks from different global enterprises. Task types can be different fields like taking a picture of a nearby restaurant, answering survey questions, or translating sentences from English to your local language.

How to use the app

  • Install and open the app 
  • Search if any tasks are available
  • Once you get a task, complete it by properly following the guidelines
  • And that’s all, Taskmate will pay you after completing the tasks
  • You are then ready to withdraw the money from the app to buy free fire free diamonds. 
  • But before that, you need to register your e-wallet with the payment partners in the Taskmate app.
  • Go to your profile page and press the “Cash-out” button.
  • Redeem your earnings in your local currency

You participate only in those tasks that interest you otherwise choose to skip. Tasks can be completed from anywhere, anytime.


free diamond free fire

Loco is the best option for sports lovers to earn money. You can win real money by watching videos related to all kinds of topics. You also redeem codes for free fire, PUBG, and playing multiplayer games like Bull Bash, Ludo, Pool, Carrom, etc.

The fun part is that this app comes with daily game quizzes. And it’s like KBC, just answer the right questions and get paid for it. These earned coins can be used to add free money to the play store. And buying free fire diamonds from the play store money is the best alternative way to get free fire diamond top up 100% bonus.


The word ‘Task” in the name itself tells the working of the app. The app will pay you real money for completing the listed tasks on their app. If you have used Google opinion rewards then you will easily operate it. Like other similar apps here tasks are very familiar like, visiting other websites, watching videos and ads, etc. You can also earn free money by playing quizzes and games.

Just like Google Opinion Rewards, they reward you for participating in daily contests, opinions, surveys, and more. In 1 hour of effort, a person can earn up to 100 per day. Now you can use money from your wallet to buy free PUBG Mobile redeem code.

You can also transfer money to your Paytm Wallet and from there add money to Google Play Store. Now just use money from playstore to buy free free fire diamond and get your favorite items in your free fire.

You speak we pay

You must have understood the payment system of this app from the name itself. It’s an interactive way to get a free fire redeem code or free fire diamonds free. This app pays you just for reading sentences properly with the correct pronunciation. Depending on the recording quality of your voice, you will get an Accuracy Score. And based on that you will be rewarded.

The payment guidelines make the withdrawal process easy. What you need is to simply install the app and choose your preferred language. Tap on the recording button and then start reading the sentences on the screen.

Whatever money you have earned, just use that money to purchase the free-fire diamond you want.

EzCash: Free In-Game Currency & Gift Cards

This is the best alternative app for those who think they are not getting enough surveys in other apps. This is a survey app with some unique tasks. Unlike other survey apps, it offers a good number of options to earn real cash. First of all, you will get a welcome 50 bonus coins directly when you install and sign-up for the first time.

Additionally, you will also get daily bonuses for checking apps, scratching voucher cards, sharing content on social media, and other such related hot tasks. 

You use your free time to earn money by playing many exciting games. Then transfer the reward to your Paytm wallet or directly use it to buy Free fire-free diamonds.

Poll Pay app(free fire free diamond )

This is a similar survey app with millions of survey takers as participants in the app. Like any other survey app, it also brings many exciting surveys regularly. You can earn real cash and then convert the money to add balance to a google play account, Amazon gift vouchers, Free fire-free diamonds, and many more. You can invite your friends to earn more rewards.


EarnEasy can be the best choice for you if you want to get the money to your Paytm wallet within 24 hours. It is a really genuine app that we used personally to collect Paytm money. We have attached a photo of our Earneasy wallet below.

proof of get google play redeem code

You get a cool option to add more money to your wallet using Share and Refer. You get ₹10 when your friend downloads from Earneasy and an extra ₹5 when your reference downloads the app from Earn easy. So in total, for each referral, you get ₹15 as reward money.

Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Method Using AirDrop

Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Method Using AirDrop

I think you must have known about AirDrop in Free Fire. If you don’t know about it, let me tell you offers 200 or more diamonds for Rs 10 or Rs 29. This special airdrop is a bumper package of 100-999999 Free Fire Free Diamonds.

Additionally, you can also get pets, weapon skins, free fire characters, emotes, and many different rare items. You can view AirDrop bundle offers in the lobby or in the offers section of the app.

One problem with this offer is that not everyone gets this airdrop offer. However, there is a trick to take advantage of the offer. Just follow the below steps to know how to get this airdrop to offer Free Fire Diamonds.

  • First of all, open your Free Fire app on your device.
  • Log out your Main Free Fire ID from your mobile.
  • Now create a new Free Fire account.
  • You can either use a Google or Facebook account to create one.
  • Now in this new account be the first to play at least 20 clash quad matches
  • Win every match.
  • After reaching a certain level while playing the game, you will get this airdrop offer in this new account.
  • Now go to the lobby and buy airdrops worth Rs.10
  • This will credit 200 Free Fire Free Diamonds to your new FF account.

Now if you want to get free fire 99999 diamond just repeat the same process and buy 2-3 airdrops in your new account.

Once you get Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds, you can transfer all Diamonds to your main Free Fire account.

Updating more such methods, Keep checking 

Friends, every day new apps and tricks come to the market to get free fire diamonds or free google play redeem codes. But it becomes quite difficult to find a genuine app. During the process, we install many fake apps and this consumes both space and internet data.

But to help you out we regularly discover new apps with the latest tricks. So we will keep you updated through our posts. If you really want to learn about those latest tricks, then keep visiting our blog. You can find the latest tricks in this section.

Some helpful posts


This post on the free fire free diamond is for informational and useful purposes only. We do not share any hacking tricks and illegal information on our blog. Dear readers, this article uses the word hack only to alert users not to fall into scam things like free google play generator. We guide our visitors not to get cheated by any online source because there is no way to hack free fire codes or free free fire diamonds from any sources.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How to get a free diamond in free fire?

Mrtechsonu has provided all the methods to get free fire free diamonds. You can visit our blog regularly to get a new method to get free fire diamonds.

How to send a gift in the free fire without diamonds?

Sadly, there is no way you can send gifts without Diamonds in Free Fire. If you want to gift anything in Free Fire to your friend then you have to spend diamonds. But don’t worry! You can use our tricks to get free fire free diamonds. And using these diamonds you can send gifts to your friends

How to use the diamond voucher in free fire?

Diamond Voucher is very easy to use. You can use it to spin the wheel in the Luck Royale section, use it as a discount coupon, and more. It’s up to you how to use

How to get a diamond voucher in free fire?

In Free Fire, it is very difficult to get diamond vouchers for free. But there are a few ways to get Diamond Voucher. You can obtain Diamond Royale vouchers by waiting for a special event that offers these vouchers as a reward, Using Free/Elite pass exchanging them against FF Tokens or Guild Tokens, or by purchasing them.

How to collect diamonds in free fire?

However, getting diamonds for free is not easy in Garena Free Fire. But I assure you that you will not leave this blog with disappointment. Use the tricks we mentioned above and redeem codes to collect Free Fire Diamonds for absolutely free.

How to get free fire free diamond?

You can unlock many diamonds if you visit our blog regularly. We always offer genuine FF rewards and often come with free fire redeem code giveaway contests


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