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When it comes to battle royale games, which are one of the most popular genres nowadays, there are a number of factors that can give players an edge over their opponents. In Free Fire, for example, having the right free fire skin can make all the difference.


What is a Free Fire Skin?

What is free fire skin

Skins are basically cosmetic in-game items that add a unique appearance to your character or weapon without affecting you. They’re purely for aesthetics, but in a game like Free Fire where every player is trying to look unique & attractive, even the smallest addition to the character or weapon skin can be significant.

What are the different types of free fire skins?

There are many different skins available in Free Fire like Weapons, Grenades Loot boxes, Bags, parachutes, Gloo wall, and many more. You can obtain them by spending money on the in-game store or completing certain tasks. Some skins are only available for a limited time, so you have to act fast to get your hands on them.


One of the most popular free fire skin types is the character skin. These skins change a character’s appearance, and they usually come with some additional animations or 3D effects. They don’t affect character stats in any way, but they can still give players a psychological edge over their opponents.

Another type of skin is weapon skin. These skins alter the appearance of a player’s weapons and can sometimes change the sound effects of the firing.


Freefire character skin, gun skin & gloo wall skin

Of course, not all skins are created equal. Some of them are very rare and are more valuable than others. The most iconic skins in Free Fire are usually only available for a limited time, so you have to act fast to get your hands on the famous free fire skin.

Why do you need to use special free fire skins?

Free fire skins are one of the best things that you can use in Free Fire. Not only do they make you look like a pro player, but they also increase the damage of your weapons and give you a better chance of winning the game. In addition, skins help to gain more popularity and likes, which can inspire other players to send you a friend request. So if you’re looking to get ahead of your competitors then using the free fire skins can be one of the great choices.

How to use the free fire skin generator app?

  • First, Go to Play Store and search for it – FFF FF Skin Tool, Elite Pass, or Download Free Fire Skin Generator Tool from here.
  • Then copy your character ID / Free Fire in-game name from the account.
  • Now, open the Free Fire Skin Generator app.
  • Create an account using your mobile number.
  • Choose from 4 options: Pro Dress, Gun Skins, Rare Emotions, and Trending on the homepage.
  • If you want to generate skins, select the Gun Skins option.
  • Here you will again see four options for skin generation.
  • Select the first one to generate skins in Free Fire.
  • Now, the app will load the files required for skin creation.
  • Once the files are loaded, click the Activate Now button in the Free Fire Skin Generator app.
  • Now, allow all the permissions asked by this free fire skin generator app
  • After that, the generator will automatically generate some free skins for your account.
  • Open the Free Fire account and check if any free skin is created
  • If you don’t see it, wait a while to get free fire skin in your account

⚠️Note: This free fire skin generator tool has over 10 lakh downloads, but it is a third-party app so we cannot be responsible if you do not receive any skins. It’s not in our hands and that falls on the developers of said App!

More ways to get free fire skins

How to get free fire skin

Apart from the free fire skin generator app, there are many other ways to get the character, gun skins, etc. Let’s discuss them one by one


Use Free Fire Skins Redeem Codes. You can redeem free fire skin codes to add different skins to your account. Some codes may not work because codes are limited and expire once they expire or once redeemed.

  • FF8HX7E492SR
  • FF9P844LUTRX
  • FF36S5BM8ZKH
Free fire skin redeem codesSkin type
FFWN57X22DP7Flaming Fist
FFJV7N7YB7HTM4A1 Flaming Skull
FF5TKHDNXGKJRobo pet skin
FF3SYAX8DL5SM4A1 Griffin’s Fury
FF8JS6LBLHT5Detective panda pet skin
FFCFLFN6N345M4A1 Plague
FFZX6GF5ALTCFlaming Red Skin
FFCFLFN6N3453x Random Legend Weapon Skin
FFD8YC35NPGJSpikey Spine Skin
FFECF982YGM4M4A1 Scorching Sands
FFD3222BXRRZM1014 Cataclysm Skin
FF2PS9UWVH8HM4A1 Star General
FFPHFXJ47AXRM79 Hipster Bunny Skin
FFLRZ3N6CRSVM4A1 Red Griffin
FF32V7KJCQZ6MP5 Mr.Nutcracker Skin
FFZXZF8HPQAMM4A1 Vandal Revolt
7PZ8P9EHHSU9P90 Make It Rain Skin
FFBAC5RALWA3M4A1 Pink Paradise
FF8JS6LBLHT5Hysteria SKS Skin
FFZX6GF5ALTCM4A1 Netherworld Inferno
FFP522KM9L89Random Panda Pet Skin
FFECF982YGM4Cobra Fist
FF7APFP8PCZ3Mythos Fist
FFD3222BXRRZHailstone Fist
FFHKV3TRUV6GCupid Scar Skin
FF5TTG676HBYAK Blue Flame Draco

Gift free fire skin from other accounts

Sure, you can buy every skin in Free Fire with diamonds but why would you want to? You could use an account that already holds a lot of them and send it as a gift instead.

There are many paid free fire accounts with many free fire diamonds. We have collected such accounts where you can buy the free fire skins of character, weapons, etc, and gift them to your free fire id.

Check the accounts here-


Free fire account idFree fire password
[email protected]FF3212343
[email protected]FRFF8790Q
[email protected]5409654DFF
[email protected]VinodSff3223
[email protected]dAffPagal32
[email protected]FreeFire99Er
[email protected]SpeedGunSkin32
[email protected]Play32$game
[email protected]ProFreeFire1999
  • Use any of the given free fire id accounts and passwords to login
  • Buy your favorite free fire skins using the diamonds
  • Now gift the item to your account by entering the In-game id
  • Now check your free fire account to confirm about the gift

Some other ways to get free fire skins

Using Google Play Redeem Codes

In the Free Fire marketplace, you can purchase weapon crates that give out a random reward. If you open the marketplace, you will eventually find what kind of skin will suit your choice. You can use the Free Google play redeem codes given by our team to purchase these crates. Some free Google play redeem codes are given below.

  • C9G736YSUCV77UX0
  • 44RNR69K1035G6K
  • Get more 📩

Luck Royale

In the game of Luck Royale, there are many ways to obtain different free fire gun skins. One way is by spinning a wheel and winning diamonds.

Join events

You can join in the Garena’s various fun interactive events. Many video game companies, game streamers, and Youtube celebrities often organize game events. Indeed, Garena itself organizes many events on different occasions and festivals. And during these events, many limited edition gun skins, and character skins are made available. So you have to keep an eye on Free Fire’s social handles/communities as well as gamers, steamers, celebrities, etc.

Increase your game rank

The last technique on this list is a sure-shot way to get some cool gun skins and other goods by progressing through the ranks in both Battle Royale mode as well as Clash Squad. Try to play as many matches as you can. This will increase your ranking and eventually you will get different free fire skins for guns, characters, and loot for free.

An example to show how you can increase your ranks to get free fire skins

Let’s see how to get MP40 skins

Free fire MP40 gun skin

The MP40 is a popular SMG gun skin in Garena free fire and its skin is a must-have for any player who wants to show off their cool style. Not only does this weapon have an impressive mag capacity, but it also has high damage output which makes players look all out for free fire skin generators because of their desire to get skins like MP4O with such eye-catching designs.

You can obtain the skin of this gun by doing the following things –

  • Start playing the ranked match in solo mode and play a minimum of 3 matches
  • Now after playing this you will get 30 rank tokens
  • You can exchange the collected tokens with an MP40 gun box
  • Click on the box from the collection page to obtain the MP40 skin

How to Get Free bunker Gloo wall skin

Free fire gloo wall skin

The Bunker Gloo Wall is a popular skin for gamers who want to protect themselves from incoming bullets. You can get variety of Gloo walls in free fire like Bunker, FFWC,  Rampa Gloo, Cobra Strike, One punch man, Winterlands, Blood Hockey, Dragon seal, Hysteria, and so on. So here is the way how can you achieve the Gloo wall skin.

  • Invite & Win
  • FFWS (Free Fire World Series) Watch to Win
  • You can also use invite and win feature to get bunker Gloo wall skin

In the invite and win option, you have to invite your friends to participate in the ongoing event.



Friends if you follow our steps then you can easily get free fire skin. We have mentioned all the methods which work for us and will work for you too. And also remember that whenever we get new tricks like this we will update it on our blog immediately. You can visit our Mrtechsonu blog regularly for updates. If possible bookmark the Mrtechsonu site

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Do free fire skin generators work?

The answer may vary from app to app. The actions of third parties providing such services are sometimes restricted due to policy violations. So you have to try and test every app

What are the ways to get free fire skin?

You can participate in events, engage in gaming brawls, and give gifts to get more free fire skins

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