How to get Idea call details?

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In this post, we will tell you some best working methods to get idea call details. All these methods are genuine and tested by our team and I am damn sure it will give exact call details of prepaid Idea cellular number

Today smartphones are used extensively for communication purposes. In the past, we used to make a queue in front of a telephone booth to make calls. But now in India making a call is as simple as that. We are making 100s of calls every month. Even this figure crosses the limit sometimes.

We dont even remember who and when our number has incoming or outgoing calls.

If you are an Idea( JIO, Vodafone, Airtel, or any other telecom user) then sometimes you face certain situations where you are required to get incoming or outgoing call details in Idea. This problem arises especially when our mobile balance gets deducted without our notice. This situation compels us to know the call details of idea number.

Not only this there are many such incidents when I personally jumped into the internet to search for such methods to get the last 5 call details in idea.

Consider a situation where you want to spy on your brother, sister, friends, or any of your close ones, and you want to know who they contact by using your phone or we deleted some important unsaved recent contacts. Then we ask google to show any trick to get call details in idea prepaid number

If unfortunately your mobile is stolen and you want to check if your Idea SIM is being misused to call someone? Then you think to get an idea incoming call details and protect your privacy. right?

If you have faced such similar situations and looking for a solution then you are in the right place. Here we have brought this genuine trick for getting idea call details that will give results within a fraction of minutes. So let’s get started and follow each step carefully

Call details in Idea

Initially, Idea used to provide the option to get the idea call details on its official website and also on its MyIdea app.

In September 2020, Vodafone India merged with Idea Cellular and formed a new operator and named it Vodafone Idea Limited.

After the integration of Vodafone and Idea, neither of the operators do provide the feature to get the call details on its official site and app.

But we have found a way to get the idea cellular call details directly to your email id. So friends keep scrolling down to know the process

1.Idea call details-Call 199/198

To obtain the idea call details the only method is to contact the idea or VI customer care executive. You can either use 199 or use numbers from this list to contact them.

Before proceeding to contact customer care, follow these important steps in order to receive the idea call details quickly.

  • Install and open VI official app
  • On the homepage, you can see MY Account at the bottom
  • Go to my account
  • Tap on edit profile
  • Give an alternate mobile number
  • Fill up the email box. This is the email id where you will get the idea call details
  • After entering the email id, an OTP will be sent to your email id for verification
  • Now cross check if everything is correct
  • After completing this process you can dial the customer care number
Idea call details
call details in idea

Many times users face problems when they try to contact customer care agents. You will not hear any direct option to contact the authorities. So here is an easy way to get ideas connected with customer care agents

  • Dial 198
  • Listen to the IVR voice and give option 3 as a response
  • Actually, option 3 is to know the idea data balance, but this is one of the easiest ways to talk with the executive
  • Keep listening to the IVR voice until it starts giving the options.
  • Now select option 4 to get connected with the Idea customer care agent.
  • Sometimes the option to get connected with the customer care executive changes.
  • For my case, it was option 4 but you might be asked to enter any other number like 7 or 9
  • Ask them to send the call details to the registered email id that you updated on the VI app
  • You can idea get call details of last 180 days
Idea call details using numbers

2. Idea Call Details using USSD codes

If you want to stay away from all these calls and customary care numbers then you can use the official USSD codes of Idea to know the last 3 call details of idea

  • Dial this code *199#
  • Wait for few seconds for a popup to appear
  • You will see a window showing you all the details like Main balance, validity, etc
  • Along with this information, you will be asked to choose one option
  • Choose 0 (More)
  • Then in the next window select 6 (Other details)
  • After this, you will be shown another popup
  • Select 3 (Quick help)
  • You will soon receive an SMS with Quick Help shortcut codes as in the image below.
  • In the message box, you can see a USSD code for Balance and Deductions
  • Dial that code(*199*2#)
  • Select option 3(Last 3 calls and SMS details)
  • You can now see the last call details in idea
Idea call details ussd codes

3. Idea Call Details using Email

This is the last official way to get call details in India. You can write a mail to the official email id of idea –

[email protected]

All you have to do is send them an email from your registered email & mention the mobile number in the subject line. Write your queries and properly explain to them why you need the incoming call details of idea

An indirect method to get call details of any number

Although you will receive the call details in idea using these official methods, still there is another indirect way to know the call details of your idea number.

You can download and install some call recording app from playstore and on your phone. These call recording apps can help you to know both the incoming and outgoing calls of your idea number. You just keep this app pre-installed on your phone so that whenever you want to see call details, you can see the details in the app.

You can install any top rating call recording apps from the playstore. I use the Automatic Call Recorder app

Note: Getting idea cellular call details from its official site is 100% safe. Use this app only when you find it urgent to save and know the incoming and outgoing call details

Be aware

I have seen many websites and videos claiming that an app can show you call details. But let me tell you, friends, these apps can be found to be fraudulent.

They just try to fool you. Even if you search call details on playstore, it will show you 100 such apps with fake ratings and reviews, but trust me, friends, all these apps are just trying to dodge you.

These apps are programmed with such an algorithm that whenever you try to get call details by entering credentials, that app will do nothing but simply get the details from your recent call logs.

And those data will be made available in PDF format. Or show results directly on your app. These apps neither do any magic nor show you official call details. They show you the same data as your phone’s recent contacts.

You can try it yourself to check the reality. You just download any such app from Google Playstore.

Open the app after installation. That app will ask permission for media, gallery, phonebook, contacts, and call logs. And be alert otherwise all your details will be accessed by those apps and stored in their database.

You just wonder why these apps ask for permission to manage your contacts or gallery. If they would be genuine, they could have shown you the data without such permission.

During my experiments with these applications, I had cleared my recent contacts and surprisingly none of the apps showed me the idea call details.

It simply shows how they fool customers and make big bucks by showing irritable advertisements at every step.

There are some apps that pretend to be real. Apps in this category try to be smarter. They will ask for the country code, operator, location, name, number and after entering all the details, they will redirect you to the official website of Idea by falsely claiming to show the last call details in idea prepaid

So friends don’t trust these fraudulent apps and prevent your data from being breached by hackers

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to get the call history of the idea prepaid number without OTP?

As I mentioned above, currently there is only one way to get the idea call details. You have to contact customer care to get the call details

How to check last call details in idea prepaid?

You can visit the official site of Idea and follow the steps above to get the call details

How to get incoming call details in Idea?

You can visit the official site of Idea and follow the steps above to get the call details

In India, As per TRAI guidelines, you are allowed to get incoming call details only if you are a postpaid idea customer. In the case of a prepaid connection, there is no such easy way to get the incoming call details.

Final words

In reality, you will only get all outgoing call details like at what time you called, for what duration, How much you are charged for that call, etc. But it is a little difficult and cumbersome process to know incoming call details.

If you feel it’s very urgent and essential to get incoming call details of idea then contact customer care or visit the nearest idea store or register a Police complaint. Just approach them and give a genuine reason and they will definitely help you to obtain the idea call details

So, friends, I hope you have got a solution to your answer. Now you can easily get the call details in the Idea number easily at any time. I said earlier, it is quite difficult to get incoming call details of any number, but you can easily get outgoing calls by following the procedure given above.

If you find my post useful please share it with your friends who also want to get the call details of Idea mobile number. If you have any doubt don’t forget to ask me in the comment section

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