Google Pay Go India Diwali Rangoli Event Answers–13th Nov

Complete Go India Google Pay Diwali Rangoli Event Answers

Go India Google Pay Diwali Rangoli Event AnswersGo India Google Pay Diwali Event Answers – Google Pay again came with an exciting offer during this Diwali. Find all the Go India Google Pay Diwali Rangoli Event Answers here. Participate in this Go India Google pay Diwali Rangoli Event to answer the questions from 13th to 15th November. You need to answer all the answers correctly to win a scratch card of Rs.100. So get ready friends to win this event. Here we are providing to answer Go India Google Pay Diwali Rangoli Event answers

Go India Google Pay Diwali Rangoli event Answers

During this period pandemic, Google pay discovered an amazing method to keep its users connected with their friends. Because of this Go India Game, we are able to connect with our friends and family members. Till now we have received many offers like Dharamshala EventGo India Game Hyderabad Event & Go India Mumbai Event

Now Google Pay Has Another City Specific Event during this Diwali time and named it Go India Game Diwali Rangoli Event. You Have To Visit Any City From 13th To 15th November In Go India Game & You Will Receive Assured Scratch Card or you will get Go India Rare City Tickets and Kilometers. So to help you we are providing you the Go India Google Pay Diwali Rangoli Event Answers and also keep updating our answers.

Go India Google Pay Diwali Rangoli Event Answers

  • Bhai Dooj
  • Sanksrit
  • Applying Gulal On Friends
  • All Are Forms Of Rangoli
  • Pollution
  • Rangoli
  • Diwali
  • India
  • UPI ID
  • None Of Them
  • All Of Them
  • Updating. . . . .
Go India Google Pay Diwali Rangoli event Answers win

Go India Diwali Rangoli event Answers with its respective questions

Q1. What does Kollam, Alpanna, Jhuthi have in common?

Answer: All are forms of Rangoli

Q2. Which of the following activities would you not be doing during Diwali?

Answer: Applying Gulal on Friends

Q3. Which of the following are used to celebrate Diwali?

Answer: All of them

Q3. Which festival is celebrated on the 5th Day of Diwali among brothers and sisters?

Answer: Bhai Dooj

Q4. During the 2019 Diwali game on Google Pay, which stamp was the most sought after by people across India?

Answer: Rangoli

Q5. This Diwali, your father wants to download & Send money to you via Google Pay. He is asking your device what to set as a UPI pin.

Answer: None of Them

How To participate in Google pay Go India Diwali Rangoli quiz event

  1. Go to Go India game under the google pay app.
  2. Go to any city
  3. You will find five questions that are based on Diwali and Rangoli.
  4. Below each question, you will find some options.
  5. You have to choose all the answer correct

If you win the game then you will get a chance to earn Rs. 20 to Rs.100, city ticket and KM

If you dont have any city tickets or km then you can collect them doing some easy tasks like-

How to get Google Pay Go India game rare tickets

  • Earn Tickets or KM by Sharing Photo
  • Earn Tickets by Recharge
  • Earn Tickets by paying bills
  • Earn KMs by Money transfer
  • Earn KMs by Buying Gold
  •  Scanning Google Pay QR merchant Codes

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