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Hey PUBG lovers, I know you have visited our blog to get PUBG redeem codes, and let me assure you that you have visited the correct source to get free BGMI redeem codes. We have a team of 5 members who work with full dedication to provide you with the redeem codes so that you can use them to buy your favorite in-game PUBG items.


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Friends, we know about the craze of PUBG in the Gaming industry. It has actually changed the way of seeing the mobile gaming industry. NOt only mobile gaming but PUBG/BGMI has also grabbed a special position in the PC gaming market too. 


Its unique concept of the game has attracted many youths. In addition to the unique concept of the game, it allows its players to buy many in-game items. After getting involved in the PUBG game for some time, we start developing a sense of possessiveness towards that game character. As soon as our ranking in the game increases, we slowly enter the pro gamer category. And then automatically the thought of buying PUBG items strikes our mind.

PUBG game offers all types of in-game items to customize. Our favorite items like game outfits, vehicle skins, gun skins, parachute designs, masks, scarf lucky draw boxes, and many more are only available for paid. And if you are a student, then it becomes very difficult to purchase them

At this moment I want to say Why fear when our team Mrtechsonu team is here?😂🤣 Jokes apart, Okay to deal with this problem, our team works put lots of effort to get free PUBG redeem codes from various sources. We then update the new PUBG redeem code as soon as we get the genuine codes. 


PUBG redeem code Today (23rd October 2021 | 100% Working) | BGMI redeem code

In this blog, we have also mentioned some sources that we personally use to obtain the free PUBG redeem code. We use these codes not just for PUBG but for many apps that are available on the playstore.

So if you really want to get the BGMI redeem code, then keep visiting our blog daily or bookmark the blog, so that whenever we update any code you can get the immediate chance to grab the PUBG Mobile lite redeem code.

PUBG Redeem code today 23rd October 2021 details

Redeem codes forPUBG or BGMI(For India)
TopicHow to get a free PUBG redeem code today or BGMI redeem code
DeveloperTencent Holdings Ltd.(PUBG)/ Krafton Inc.(BGMI)
Total Downloads of BGMI11 Million
Total Downloads of PUBG730 million
Redeem Code SourceDiscords, Reddit sites, Live streams, etc
Number of redeem codes 2-5 codes are daily updated on our blog
PUBG Redemption Center Official
🔴Live1 hour ago

What is PUBG and BGMI?

PUBG and BGMI both are the same game with two different names. When the Indian government imposed the ban on PUBG, it returned to the Indian market with the name Battle Ground Mobile India(BGMI) for Indians players only. It ensured to follow all the rules and regulations laid by the Indian government

PUBG redeem code rewards

What is a PUBG Redeem Code? What is PUBG/BGMI reward?

PUBG Redeem Codes are 12-16 digit alphanumeric codes that can be used to buy many in-game premium items and inventory, such as costumes, vehicle skins, gun skins, parachute designs, loot boxes, masks, scarves, lucky draw boxes, and many other items for free In.

Why does BGMI offers redeem codes for its players?

After the ban on PUBG in India, all over the world, especially in India, PUBG lost a large part of its user base. As a result, the craze of the game declined to some extent and gradually Free fire took the position of PUBG.

However, after resolving all disputes. PUBG returned to the Indian gaming market with a dedicated name of Battleground Mobile India(BGMI). BGMI followed all the guidelines laid by the government of India. 

With the arrival of BGMI, it tries to attract more and more users every day by releasing many BGMI redeem codes occasionally.

How to use PUBG Mobile Redeem Code?

You can use these PUBG Mobile redeem codes by visiting the redemption center on their official website. You can also redeem the code using third-party websites like Midasbuy.

PUBG redeem code today


So to redeem the codes you will be asked to enter your Character ID along with the Redemption code. After that, you have to enter the verification code to unlock the BGMI redeem code. Okay, let us give you the step-by-step guide.

Visit the official PUBG mobile website or click on the redemption center link to land on the official page directly

Redeem PUBG code using official redeemption site
  • On the page, you can see a form asking you to fill 3 fields- Character ID, Redemption code & Verification code
  • To fill the Character id, you just go to your PUBG profile in the game and copy the id.
  • Now enter the PUBG redeem code that you will get from this blog and our other recommended sources.
  • In the last form, you have to simply fill the Captcha verification code correctly.
  • If the captcha or verification code is not visible, you can reload the captcha by hitting the reload button
  • Now click on the yellow-colored “REDEEM’ button.

But the problem is that this official PUBG mobile redeem site doesn’t work in India because of the ban on PUBG by the Indian government, if you use the Indian internet server then none of the official sites of PUBG open. So you can either use a VPN to access the site or you can visit this site named Midasbay which works perfectly fine in India.

Now let’s understand how to use the Midasbuy site-

How to redeem PUBG codes
Click here to visit the site Midasbuy. 
  • On the page, you will see 4 options- Purchase, Redeem, RP, Promotions.
  • To activate the PUBG redeem code, click on Redeem
  • Before entering the redeem code, you have to first sign up in the website
  • You can use your Facebook account to sign up
  • Once the sign-up process is complete, you will be asked to enter your character id
  • As I already said, PUBG characters can easily be copied from the profile of the PUBG/BGMI app 
  • Enter the Character id and PUBG redeem code.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the reward to reflect in your in-game mailbox.
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List of PUBG Redeem code Today- 23rd October 2021 – 🔴LIVE


Motor Vehicle SkinVETREL2IMHX
Pan with Golden ColorBPRUZBZJEC
Legendary OutfitDFVZBIZ7KN
Parachute SkinBCAHZBHZ486
Assassin Bottom & Assassin Suit BCCQZDZSCH
Free 1300 Silver FragmentsBPVCZDZF6T
Backpack SkinBPHEZCZ949
Desert Ranger SetBMTFZBZQNC
Kar 98K Sniper Gun SkinBMTCZBZMFS
Set of Bumble BeeDFVZBIZ7KN
Free CompanionBDFVZHZK3M
Free EmoticonsVEZIRBEYEID 
Free Room CardsBMTJZDZPPK 
Motor Vehicle Skin5JQ3LK7X16
Free FireworksTIFZBHZK4N
Random OutfitBBKRZBZBF7
Racer Set (Gold)PJ9V5XEYQD
Stealth Brigade SetTEWXFL6QO
Desert Ranger SetUCBYSD608
AK47 Gun SkinAZ4E7RIMC
AKM Glacier Skin9(white)H8AUFOOYS
Leo Set Legendary OutfitJR19VIQLEW
Racer Set (Gold)LEVKIN1QPC
Golden PanSQ8HE7NIA
Bumble Bee SetVFD8SX11R
Free rename cardC3M41JC9Z
Desert Ranger SetKLR2J87IOZH
Free Rename Card & Room CardMIDASBUY
1000 UC (Only for Lucky users) BHTV85M2ZL
Random Gun SkinsUDUSGJOO9F
Premium Car Skin (For 3 days) 31MNKN0CH4
Free Emoticons VRNEWN70DB
M24 Gun Skin (For 5 days) YWF656BJPQ
Falcon (Latest) VD3FJBXM8R
Legendary Outfit FITZBHVKD6
Get 1 Free PUBG Cannon PopularityBBIRKBZBQ7
Kar98K Skin (For 3 Days) ROD7XHI1AE
Shotgun SkinBGTR1PWM7Q
Free Room CardB1Q3O6FXV26
Free Royal Pass (For Limited Users only) V3HSOXL20I
Pistol Skins for 3 DaysB0QXET8I8F5
Free Rename Card16YHFBMNPF
Get 3 MotorcycleEC7LTHL9E
Rewards: Andy CharacterOHUKO83MS
New AKM Glacier Skin Redeem CodeSD14G84FCC
Flight Skins Redeem CodeRNUZBZ9QQ
Underground Crew SetHAPPINESS
M416 Orange SkinLKKABFYH6E
500 UCIZGNRM8084
Free FireworksG3FBY21BZ5
8 Red Tea PopularityJ6PLG096OL
Pink Combo CostumeB9APSGT8IS
120 UCBJY2U3N3K5
Free PUBG Football & Chicken PopularityI44B5Z93ZT
Mixed Color Bike SkinBA09U7X9KL
Free Silver FragmentsXIZYYT6VOV
KAR98 sniper skinFWJLDE1JKG
M31A4 new skin-9HUI1DUXIN

Some Random PUBG Mobile Redeem Code (Live Updating 🔴)

  • 6Z6AA8CM7M(1 hour ago)
  • BOCKVRUNO9M (1 hour ago)
  • B5JAH3Z75EC (1 hour ago)
  • UFJH60L2GM (1 hour ago)
  • J7Z1CLGT1Z (1 hour ago)
  • BACFC8GBDHN (1 hour ago)
  • V475F9W8KW (1 hour ago)
  • EP4EZFWRAS (1 hour ago)
  • B0RGOKA7UTD (1 hour ago)
  • BQTZTJFNGXZ (1 hour ago)
  • VFUVONPPFS (1 hour ago)
  • FD9MOO4HWF (1 hour ago)
  • CX69Z76AHG (1 hour ago)
  • BB03D7J07AI (1 hour ago)
  • 95D2SEK7XZ (1 hour ago)
  • BJOL4Q55B1I (1 hour ago)
  • APLHQHVH77 (58 mins ago)
  • BMVAPOXBEFU (57 mins ago)
  • BFIY1PYZT6C (56 mins ago)
  • G34R16YGTG (55 mins ago)
  • BH705J4BKC6 (54 mins ago)
  • BBIIQIXKH2B (53 mins ago)
  • HCN7DBVSQF (58 mins ago)
  • GJF04I2SMN (58 mins ago)
  • BMRE5KYQ8B4 (57 mins ago)
  • B01HXXJ2BJM (56 mins ago)
  • UACNX17TX7 (55 mins ago)
  • YMJCO5SH2K (54 mins ago)
  • BQWFYFUWRL6 (53 mins ago)
  • BQWFYFUWRL6 (52 mins ago)
  • BR3YUGSMD31 (51 mins ago)
  • BBN2MHMVPV (50 mins ago)
  • BM3GV0DTY6K (49 mins ago)
  • BXUN1UJ7KEF (49 mins ago)
  • 35YC6NHRJP (48 mins ago)
  • IJYQKMT79M (47 mins ago)
  • R0E1O8069V (46 mins ago)
  • G2DE8MZZFF (45 mins ago)
  • LV7VHSH5J7 (44 mins ago)
  • KEISGIVP1Q (43 mins ago)
  • LWWCZ86PA (42 mins ago)
  • J0ZD2GFJ9S5 (41 mins ago)
  • H0QXXEPH2 (40 mins ago)
  • 0SP8M8FKDJ (40 mins ago)
  • BG5VCHBYSJ (40 mins ago)
  • OTH6PJV19A (40 mins ago)
  • 2W3K66C0PG (40 mins ago)
  • DOJR96QJDC (39 mins ago)
  • Z8K4UJCH8X (38 mins ago)
  • 5RPHVQKDPW (37 mins ago)
  • YG275I2WIK (36 mins ago)
  • EOKTR2TH92 (35 mins ago)
  • 4LYI3R8W7Z (34 mins ago)
  • 5YYPVZJFL3 (33 mins ago)
  • MOWGUFACDB (32 mins ago)
  • V11A6YZIUK (33 mins ago)
  • 4WX78QZLWS (34 mins ago)
  • 03TM5Z8NQS (32 mins ago)
  • TSM6CLF1SN (31 mins ago)
  • 7L5BTC4GIY (30 mins ago)
  • C35O3HAFBW (30 mins ago)
  • ZZ9QASVZ3T (30 mins ago)
  • FYKR8WH5L (30 mins ago)
  • EPXR2LJ9X(10 mins ago)
  • DKLU9NT4SY(5 mins ago)
  • 2P1SM903O(2 mins ago)
  • 6D6RY5K2B(1 min ago)
  • F3SFE8QGII(59 sec ago)
  • KITHCSA8TR(58 sec ago)
  • DPBG2WPB6M(57 sec ago)
  • T4AZ7D9T71(56 sec ago)
  • 097OPXX3MP(55 sec ago)
  • KXFPSYWYEQ(54 sec ago)
  • R629E3WMSN(53 sec ago)
  • PO81BRWS0K(52 sec ago)
  • 7IRFSVU6WT(51 sec ago)
  • 141AAHRJNB(50 sec ago)
  • YTYD34AEZY(49 sec ago)
  • N2YJ5ACP2P (48 sec ago)
  • FD4RFNYHGA(47 sec ago)
  • ESDU6JWRGN(46 sec ago)
  • G2ILNMFYTW(45 sec ago)
  • HP6C9GCH3O (44 sec ago)
  • JHPBG3O6ZO(44 sec ago)
  • MHWWAKKFXY(43 sec ago)
  • 8YKPYUC6OE(43 sec ago)
  • 0QKL7SFVS5(42 sec ago)
  • VV9UIK6O8G(42 sec ago)
  • 3M7RGJH895(41 sec ago)
  • 9D0MAVXDDX(41 sec ago)
  • TGG30IVQK5(40 sec ago)
  • ZMC3P1LE9I(40 sec ago)
  • 8TRT1MRLV2(39 sec ago)
  • K7UEDI7DI9(39 sec ago)
  • XT213FRHPP(38 sec ago)
  • Y9OOBFNDRI(38 sec ago)
  • MOVJFVSSTZ(38 sec ago)
  • VSLFRACEBM(37 sec ago)
  • VD2EQO4LKB(37 sec ago)
  • W8WZZAP6BJ(36 sec ago)
  • ZY5608GNL4(36 sec ago)
  • 68AACC98R3(36 sec ago)
  • XMRMRY9HGB(36 sec ago)
  • K2ADTXKFEZ(35 sec ago)
  • PJZK7PTY3T(35 sec ago)
  • MZ1AG4880S(35 sec ago)
  • LKXJDE9TMN(34 sec ago)
  • Z057YAY3N1(34 sec ago)
  • DX3BN18FKD(33 sec ago)
  • E5BND52H95(33 sec ago)
  • R6HSI6HY6D(32 sec ago)
  • ZFN2QD0EBM(32 sec ago)
  • UC3HTEESNM(31 sec ago)
  • FYJZSA4ZYG(31 sec ago)
  • M7R873JKA7(30 sec ago)
  • MPOZLQGJVM(30 sec ago)
  • S7AOHDQ6QI(29 sec ago)
  • BTP70KK2JS(29 sec ago)
  • F1H5UXZ54Q(29 sec ago)
  • 1F3UL6C8DJ(28 sec ago)
  • V72VCUW7E4(28 sec ago)
  • 0B91F7MA3I(28 sec ago)
  • Y68SH51X9F(27 sec ago)
  • 4JYHAXPNC1(27 sec ago)
  • B02EGK5136O (26 sec ago)
  • LY9A625PKA (26 sec ago)
  • XCD9Y9RQ0O (26 sec ago)
  • QY14BMMTF7 (25 sec ago)
  • BMS8F16P72 (Newly added)
  • V0752654GK(Newly added)
  • 9U7KYC8JPY(Newly added)
  • Live……

How to get PUBG redeem code today/BGMI redeem code?

How to get PUBG redeem code

Guy, I know you must be wondering, everything is fine, we learned what a PUBG redeem code is?, What are the benefits of a PUBG redeem code, How to redeem the code? etc. But from where shall we get these codes? Okay let me explain to you in brief, Unlike other games, there is not any direct way where you will get lots of BGMI redeem codes at one stretch. 

Actually, on our blog, you will find two types of redeem codes.

One type of redeem code can be used directly in the official redemption center site or inside the redemption center of the BGMI lobby game

The second type of PUBG redeem code are the type that can be used to add free money to your Google Play account, and this amount can be used to buy free BGMI UC or Royal pass. And ultimately you can use the UC to buy your favorite PUBG items. So this indirect method can be the best alternative to BGMI redeem codes.


To get a real PUBG redeem code, you have to stay active on various platforms. If you ask us, from where do we get the codes, then we can’t tell you any specific sources to get free PUBGredeem code /BGMI redeem code.

Every day, Our team participates and joins in different discords, Reddit communities, events, Livestream giveaways to collect a single code. But whenever we get any BGMI redeem code, immediately we share it on our blogs, so that friends like you can benefit from these codes.

Points to remember before getting free PUBG redeem code

  • PUBG redeem codes are valid for a limited time only
  • Once the BGMI/PUBG redeem code is claimed, it cannot be used for reclaiming the same code.
  • PUBG Mobile redeem codes allow players to receive rewards and gifts without having to buy them with real money.
  • Players can use redeem codes to get all in-game items such as Weapon Skins, Character Skins, Free Fireworks, Loot Crates, Golden Panes, etc.
  • In order to claim rewards via these PUBG redeeming codes, you will need their unique character ID along with the redemption code.

Some Genuine sources to get BGMI redeem code today in 23rd October 2021

PUBG redeem code events

Free Royal Pass: If you buy Royal Pass or get Free Royal Pass, you can be rewarded for improving your ranking. Each rise in your ranking will fetch you a reward. You need to complete daily missions and weekly challenges. Once a special challenge is completed you’ll get a variety of rewards in your lobby

Livestream: You can also get PUBG mobile redeem code by earning stream points. You will enter the first lucky draw and prizes will be distributed randomly to the participants. There are many good players that often offer BGMI redeem codes in their live stream. As of today few of the channels like Dynamo gaming, Powerbang, PUBG Mobile India official, Atro, The7WorldsGaming, Panda is best on the list.

Discord Giveaway: There are many PUBG/BGMI mobile discounts that sometimes come with gifts and rewards. This discord is actually the place of many pro players and people knowing the insider news. And some players somehow arrange BGMI redeem codes and share them as giveaways. Additionally, you’ll get insider information about what’s happening in the game, and any upcoming opportunities for BGMI redeem code.

Sign in: You must have noticed, when you open a PUBG or BGMI game, you are given many rewards. These rewards are given for actually signing into the game, such as a weekly sign-in bonus, daily sign-in bonus. Crate flashes on your screen as a reward after you sign in

Events: Participate in various PUBG Events to get free rewards and PUBG redeem codes. There is a high chance of getting redeem codes in these events. Some of the recent events are Team Up Global Challenge, PUBG Mobile 2021 Southeast Asia Merch Design Competition, etc.

You can check the recent events in the official blog of PUBG or click here to directly land on the PUBG Events page.

Mrtechsonu Blog Friends why spend your precious time on the above-mentioned sources that will ask you a lot of time? Rather you go directly to our blog and we will keep updating our blog with the latest PUBG redeem code.


Some other ways to get PUBG and PUBG lite redeem codes

Anyway, whatever sources we have given above are the sources from which you can directly get PUBG redeem code to buy your favorite in-game assets.

But guys did you know that there are many indirect ways to get a free PUBG mobile redeem code or BGMI redeem code for free?

Let me explain to you in detail. By the indirect way, I mean that you have to apply some methods which will give you free PUBG UC.

You can also get free Google Play redeem codes to add free money to your Play Store account and in return, you can use the free earned Play Store money to buy PUBG UC. Now you can purchase your favorite PUBG skins, guns, Royale Pass, and much more.

Here is the table showing you how much UC  you will get for a particular price.

UC RewardsPrice Details
60 UC₹ 75
300 UC₹ 380
600 UC₹ 750
1500 UC₹ 1900
3000 UC₹ 3800
6000 UC₹ 7500

Now let’s jump into the tricks section to know about the ways with which you can get free PUBG UC and how to use the free UC if you don’t get a free PUBG redeem code.

Free PUBG mobile redeem code generator tool-23rd October 2021

Friends, before getting into the real tricks, I want you to stop using Free BGMI/ PUBG Redeem Code Generator Tools. Actually, there are many such tools on the internet for the purpose of fooling people.

But, none of the tools work. These are all simple online tools that generate any random code using English letters and numbers. And obviously, these redeem codes will not work for you.


If you use the concept of probability, then yes, there is a chance in a million. This means that if you try different codes 1000000 times, there are chances of getting a working PUBG mobile redeem code. But it’s practically next to impossible. So it is better that you do not fall into these traps. Still, if you don’t believe us, you can try your luck once.😜😜

Google Opinion Rewards – Get BGMI redeem code

BGMI redeem code

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app by Google, where you will be rewarded for completing surveys & give opinions regarding various products and services. The survey may not be available every time, but whenever it is available you will be notified immediately

However, you can try out the trick mentioned below to get regular surveys, opinion polls, hotel surveys, etc. You will get rewards for every task you complete properly

It is worth a try because of the authority and trustworthiness of Google. So it really works and rewards once the survey is done.

You can then use the rewards to get free money to your wallet. Then use the play store free money to buy PUBG UC. Now using these UC you can purchase any asset of your choice

We use one trick to increase our chances to get online surveys more frequently. Let’s know what is that trick

Once you install the Google Opinion Rewards app, when you open app, you will be asked to enter your country, postal code, age, and gender.

In this step, you have to apply the trick. So what you need to do is, try to participate in surveys using different postal codes and ages before participating in any survey. And this increases the probability of getting more surveys and rewards

TaskMate– Free redeem code google play

This is another great app brought by Google. As of now, this app is available only in the beta version and is limited to picked users. However, it works perfectly fine when it comes to rewarding the users.

PUBG redeem code free

This app offers a variety of simple tasks. Actually, these tasks are posted by different enterprises from all over the world. Types of tasks generally range from taking a picture of a restaurant nearby, answering survey questions about your preferences, or translating sentences from English into your local language.


The process is very simple-

  • Youjust open the app and search for nearby tasks
  • Once you get any task, simply Complete it
  • Get paid after completing the tasks flawlessely
  • When you are ready to cash out, simply register your e-wallet with the payment partners in the Taskmate app.
  • Go to your profile page and press the “Cash-out” button.
  • Redeem your earnings in your local currency

You can participate in tasks that interest you or choose to skip tasks. Tasks can be completed from anywhere, anytime.

After that, you can easily receive payment in your wallet and use it to buy free BGMI mobile redeem codes or PUBG Mobile UC.

DailyLuck-Best app to get BGMI redeem code

PUBG mobile redeem code

Friends, this app is made for those who like to change their mobile wallpaper frequently. That means users can download wallpapers for their mobile phones from this app and earn free fire rewards in return.

You can play the Piano Magic, Tiles Block game, spin and win, watch videos, invite your friends and get rewards.

Along with these options, you will also get daily bonuses, lucky draw changes, play different games, many exciting job offers, and more.

Download the App to get a chance to win a free PUBG redeem code every day


PUBG mobile lite redeem code

Loco is the best option for sports lovers to earn money. You can win real money by watching videos related to all kinds of topics. You also get BGMI redeem code for playing multiplayer games like Bull Bash, Ludo, Pool, Carrom, etc.

The fun part is that this app comes with daily game quizzes. And it’s like KBC, just answer the right questions and get paid for it. These earned coins can be used to add free money to the play store. And buying PUBG assets from the play store money is the best replacement method to PUBG redeem code

It is important to remember that any code given by anyone other than BGMI officials should not be trusted upon. It is recommended not to use any such code. Players will be able to buy skins, costumes, characters, expressions, and more with the BGMI original code.


From the name itself, you can guess how this app works. You will get paid for completing simple tasks like installing some simple apps, visiting other websites, watching videos and ads, etc. You can also earn free bucks by playing quizzes and games.

Just like Google Opinion Rewards, they reward you for participating in daily contests, opinions, surveys, and more. In 1 hour of effort, a person can earn up to 100 per day. Now you can use money from your wallet to buy free PUBG Mobile redeem code

You can also transfer money to your Paytm Wallet and from there add money to Google Play Store. Now just use money from playstore to buy PUBG UC and get your favorite items in your PUBG account.

You speak we pay

You must have understood the payment system of this app from the name itself. It’s an interactive way to get a free PUBG redeem code that pays you just for reading sentences properly with the correct pronunciation. Depending on the recording quality of your voice, you will get an Accuracy Score. And based on that you will be paid.

Its simple payment policy makes the withdrawal process easy. You just need to install the app and choose your preferred language, which you are comfortable with. Tap on the recording button and then start reading the sentences on the screen.

Whatever money you have earned, just use that money to purchase any PUBG item you want. This is the best option to get a free BGMI redeem code.

Mgamer: PUBG mobile lite redeem code

This is an app specially developed for games like PUBG, Free Fire Lords Mobile, and all such battle royale games. You will directly get PUBG UC, Free Fire Diamond as a reward. So by using this app you get free from the indirect process of buying a free PUBG redeem code.

One of the best things about this app is that you will get a good number of UC for less number of coins. And to earn these coins, you’ll have to complete fairly simple tasks like watching funny videos, playing games, and filling out surveys.

It supports all international currencies, so you can earn in dollars as well as your country’s currency. You will get many options to use the reward. In our case, we want to buy PUBG redeem code, so we can directly convert the money to PUBG UC and transfer it to your PUBG ID.

EzCash: Free In-Game Currency & Gift Cards

This is an excellent app for those who think they are not getting enough surveys to participate. It is an app with a similar concept of making payments, but what makes it different is that it offers an ample number of options to earn rewards. It offers a welcome 50 bonus coins directly when you install and sign-up for the first time.

You will get daily bonuses for checking apps, scratching voucher cards, sharing content on social media, and other such related hot tasks. In short, it is the source that will reward you on a daily basis.

Apart from these ways, you can use your free time to earn some bucks by playing many exciting games. You can transfer the reward to your Paytm wallet or directly use it to buy PUBG mobile redeem code or PUBG UC.

More free PUBG redeem redeem code tricks to come soon(Updating……..)

PUBG Redeem Code Free is a special gift for all those PUBG Mobile players who can't afford to spend any real money on the game but desire legendary items.In this article, we have provided different redeem codes for you to use. 

Keep in mind that these codes are not always available. It is like come fast, win fast type game. You must visit our blog regularly to get real-time redeem codes so that you can grab the code immediately after adding new codes to our blog.

Friends, as the days pass, new apps and tricks are coming into the market every day to get free PUBG redeem codes. So to keep you updated with such latest tricks, we will keep updating our posts regularly. If you really want to learn about those latest tricks, then keep visiting our blog. You can find the latest tricks in this section

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get PUBG redeem code?

We have clearly provided the methods to get PUBG redeem code. But to save your time we try to collect the redeem codes from different sources and update the new code immediately on our blog

How to redeem the code in PUBG?

To redeem the code in PUBG, you can visit the Official site of PUBG using VPN or you can also redeem the code on the Midasbuy website. We have provided the step-by-step guide on our blog.

How to get PUBG UC redeem code?

You can get the PUBG UC redeem code from various sources available on the internet. But to make your work easier we are collecting the redeem codes from different sources and publish on our Mrtechsonu Blog. So in simple words, you can bookmark Mrtechsonu to get updates of BGMI to redeem code

Is there any pre-registration for PUBG/BGMI redeem code?

Yes, you have to pre-register to get redeem code officially. Keep visiting the official blog of PUBG to get regular updates on PUBG events

Can we generate redemption codes for PUBG by ourselves?

No, there is no such trick for you to generate pubg mobile redeem code. As we already said, there are some genuine sources from where you will get a chance to get redeem codes. Or else if you bookmark our blog, you can directly visit this page to get latest updates

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