(New Trick) Collect SelfieToffee and Disco stamps-GooglePay 2020 stamps

(New Trick) Get Selfie, Toffee, and Disco stamps-GooglePay 2020 offer.

Hey guys, GooglePay has again brought a new offer for its users which has the same concept as the Diwali offer. Here in the GooglePay 2020 offering, you are required to collect 7 tickets — balloons, DJs, sunglasses, toffee, selfies, pizzas and discos.

Remember stamps? Yeah, they remember you too. Let’s catch up. #2020Stamps live on the Google Pay app! pic.twitter.com/L2VJJ5TA6d

— Google Pay India (@GooglePayIndia) December 25, 2019

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  • The stamps are arranged layer-wise in the shape of a cake, where GooglePay will give you one scratch per layer that you complete. This means that you will get a total scratch card of 3
  • Get an assured scratch card with a gift from google play worth Rs202 to Rs2020.
  • Collect these assured stamps the first time you perform the following during the game period for the 23 Dec 2019-31 Dec 2019
  • You also earn a bonus reward for any cake layer you complete. Choose your own bonus reward from a selection that includes vouchers, scratch cards, and lucky draw tickets worth up to Rs20lakh
  • You can earn a maximum of 1bonus reward for each cake layer, and 1scratch card for completing the cake
Although you can easily assemble the stamps from the base layer of the cake, users find it difficult to complete the next two layers. It is rare to find toffee, selfie, and disco out of these 2 layers. Users do not usually receive these stickers by scanning or listening to on-air advertisements.
There are certain tricks or unknown ways which can earn you  Selfie, Toffee, and Disco stamps
I am giving you some tried and working tricks and there are 955 chances that you will get your wished stickers – selfietoffee, and disco

Collect SelfieToffee, and Disco stamps-GooglePay 2020 offer

Trick 1-
If you have more than 1 same stamp then Gift some rare stickers like DJ, Pizza, Sunglasses, to your friends. However, gifting Ballon stamp generally dont give you any rare stamps like Disco or Selfie.
Trick 2-
Recharge your number without selecting the original operator. For example- if you have a JIO network operator, do recharge by choosing other networks like MTNL, BSNL, Idea, etc. on your number, you will get a disco or a selfie. And don’t worry, your money will be returned to your bank account within a few hours.
Collect Selfie,Toffee and Disco stamps-Gpay stamps
Trick 3-
Users scan whatever 2020 images they get, but this image gives more chances to win a stamp
Collect Selfie,Toffee and Disco stamps
                                                 SCAN THIS PARTICULAR IMAGE
Trick 4-
As per my knowledge Paying a merchant or recharge dont give Selfie, Toffee, and Disco stamps. So dont take a risk in this case otherwise your recharge will go in vain and also you may not get Selfie, Toffee, and Disco stamps.
Instead of these you can gift a stamp to your friends, or scan or listen to on-air google ads between 12AM to 6AM. This is the time where the number of users is less and you can have a high chance to grab the Selfie, Toffee, and Disco stamps.

Collect Selfie,Toffee and Disco stamps-2020gpay

Trick 5-
Pay Rs98 or more to a merchant to is active and make many transitions per day. That means if you are paying a genuine merchant who really owns an effective shop or business then there is a higher chance to get the rare stamps like  SelfieToffee, and Disco stamps

SelfieToffee, and Disco stamps-

Trick 6-

  • Go to offers Section and select Urban Clap Offer
  • Click on Book Now
  • Select salon for men
  • Select haircut for men for Rs249
  • Now enter any area name and fillup the random address
  • Select any date and timeslot
  • Now Pay rs249 using GooglepauUPI
  • You will get one scratch card and one disco or selfie stamp
  • Now cancel the booking immediately

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Friends this tricked worked 3/3 for me and some of my friends also
You try at your own risk

Collect Selfie,Toffee and Disco stamps-earn cash

Trick 7

These tricks didn’t work for me but one of my friends got selfie stamp 2 times.
What is did is.he simply added Rs98 to his full KYC Airtel Bank account and received 2 selfie stamps
Dont add money if you have a mini KYC account

Collect Selfie,Toffee and Disco stamps

Trick 8-
Listen to on-air ads but dont use same ad twice instead play 2 different ads of google for each new try, or else select two particular google ads and play two ads alternatively for each new try

Trick 9-
Buy Gold of Rs250 in Kauvera and pay via GooglePay UPI.
This is not a 100%assured trick but 90%chances are there. You will also get a profit of rs50

So, friends, you try all these tricks and I am sure that at least one of these tricks will give you a selfie, toffee or disco stamp.

All these have been tested by me and my friends. Be sure to try these hacks and earn free cash from google pay and have a blast in this new year.

You can send your extra stamps to me, and I will also share my large collection of stamps with you.I have earned rare stamps by applying these tricks
Whatsapp no/GooglePay no-9090374520
Thank you friends

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