3+ Awesome Facts about Cryptocurrency Mining & Bitcoin

By Mrtechsonu

Bitcoin miners can only produce 21 million bitcoins by mining. About 18.8 million have already been mined and some of them have already been lost.

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Only 2.2 Million Bitcoin Left

Even though there are only 2.2 million bitcoins available for mining, it will take 120 years or more to mine 2.2 million coins. This is because the number of bitcoins that can be mined halves every four years.

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Almost 20% of Bitcoin is Lost Forever

According to Chainalysis, about 20% of bitcoins cannot be used because they are lost or stuck in wallets. This is because people have lost the crypto key which is the only way to access bitcoin 

No One Can Ban Cryptocurrency Physically

#Fact 4

Several countries around the world have discussed banning cryptocurrencies but it is physically impossible. It is because anyone can get a crypto wallet.

How Cryptocurrency Mining Works?

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